Google Nest Cam and Nest Hub bundle slashes cost by AU$80

Bundle up and you can save when shopping directly from the Google Store

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At T3 we’re big fans of smart home technology, or any tech really, that makes living your best life easier and more convenient. Google has a great range of smart home products – from speakers and displays to security cameras – and right now you can get the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – Google’s most popular smart display – and a two-pack of battery-powered Nest Cams discounted in a great bundle deal. 

View the Google Nest Hub and Nest Cam bundle deal

The bundle can be bagged over at the official Google Store, which takes the price of the products down from AU$807 to AU$727. The Nest Hub is a fantastic smart home hub, letting you control all your smart products (such as the Nest Cam) through it, as well as play videos and music, read the news and recipes, set alarms, check the weather report, make video calls and much more.

The Nest Cam, meanwhile, lets you keep an eye on your home even when you're out and about, with it automatically sending notifications to your phone if people or animals are seen, for example. For those looking to protect their home, it’s a powerful tool.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) + Two Nest Cam (battery) | AU$807 AU$727 on the Google Store

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) + Two Nest Cam (battery) | AU$807 AU$727 on the Google Store (save AU$80)

This is a solid smart home bundle deal, particularly when buying the items individually will cost you more. It partners two well-reviewed Nest Cams with the equally well-reviewed Google Nest Hub, and then slaps that price down by 80 bucks. You can control everything about your smart home, including the Nest Cam, through the Hub, which is available in four different colourways, too. The main point of note is that the Nest Cam is battery powered, not wired, allowing for clever placement of the cam wherever you want it to be, but also necessitates keeping it powered up. 

Like the idea of buying this bundle but not quite keen on the devices included? There are more great bundle deals on the Google Store, including the excellent Google Chromecast. 

If Google’s offers are a little daunting to anyone still contemplating starting a smart home, scope out T3's best smart bulbs, best smart sensors and best video doorbell buying guides for great recommendations on how you can start small and build from there.

If you’re interested in a smart home hub but don’t see the need for a security camera setup, then you can see the best prices on just the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) in Australia below. 

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