New Google Nest Cams arrive to take on Ring and save you money – here's how

Shed some light on what's happening in your home, and save money at the same time

Google Nest Cam
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Google has just announced that its new Nest lineup is now available to buy. Both the Nest Cam Floodlight and Nest Cam Indoor lead the new product line-up as available to buy, each jam-packed with handy features to dial up the smarts in your home. 

The new hardware represents the first proper makeover the Nest-line has received since Google took the reigns back in 2014. In the time since then, we've seen older devices like the first Nest Hub and more recent updates such as the Google Nest Hub Max. Undoubtedly, the onus was growing on Google to give the Nest range a long-overdue shake-up – and that's what Google recently provided, with some of the smart technology now available to purchase for lucky customers across the world. 

The official Google Store page now has listings for both the wired Google Nest Cam Floodlight and the Nest Cam Indoor. The former costs £269.99 / $279.99, while the Nest Cam Indoor ships for £89.99 / $99.99, respectively. Depending on what your needs are in your smart-connected home, the new devices offer different functions based on need.  

Still, many will be immediately taken by the utter simplicity of the Nest Cam Indoor, which abandons the original “Dropcam” legacy design in favor of a far sleeker look. It’s also priced at $99, which is hard to argue with amongst the typically expensive devices found in our rundown of the best smart security devices. You can choose between four colors and enjoy the handy ability to keep your camera recording if your internet connection is lost. The Nest Cam has a small amount of local storage, which is capable of recording if an unforeseen internet outage occurs while you're not home. 


(Image credit: Google)

Making light work of smart security

But if you really fancy bringing your home to life, then the all-new Nest Cam with Floodlight is the device you’ll want to choose over at the Google Store. At the risk of turning your home into a mini-Alcatraz, this new Nest gadget mounts to an LED floodlight and offers security-focused illumination. 

Though it requires a wired setup, you can conveniently mount it to an existing floodlight in your home. Nest with Floodlight uses Google’s latest camera tech, can be pre-configured with activity zones, and has intelligent alerts to stop the floodlight from activating when your neighbor puts the bins out. You can also rest easy that the light will stay on as it receives a continuous power supply from the mains.

Of course, all of this extra functionality comes at an extra cost, but it offers a much larger security presence in your home, over something like the base Nest Cam model. Used in concert with other revamped smart Nest devices like, say, the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, then your home is practically a fortress. 

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