Google Maps on iOS and Android updated with Waze live reports

Live traffic, accident and construction updates sent to Google Maps

Ever since Google acquired Waze for a reported $1 billion it wasn't entirely clear how Google was planning to integrate the two companies, well now the wait is over

Google has announced a passive update to the Google Maps app for iPhone, iPod and iPad and Android smartphones which will see Waze live updates displayed via the traffic overlay.

This is the first major update since Google bought Waze back in June and will show live updates supported from the Waze updates including accident alerts, traffic updates and construction information.

Waze is a free turn-by-turn navigation app which collects live traffic information from each user allowing people to bypass accidents and construction, all this live info will now be shared via the Google Maps app.

It's not a one-way street either as users of Waze will now be able to use Google Search within their app whilst the Desktop version of Waze now supports Google Street View as well.

Whilst it's not yet clear whether Google plans to truly integrate both apps into a newly updated Google Maps app it is at least impressive to see how quickly two companies can start working together if the pieces fit.

Thomas Tamblyn

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