Google Home app could soon work better offline with this upcoming upgrade

Google announces plans to make Google Home more useful with offline mode and third-party integrations

Google Home
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Google is reportedly working on some major upgrades to the Google Home app, including an offline mode, better support for Nest cameras and integrations with third-party devices.

A launch date for these updates haven’t been announced yet but they’ll first be made available through Public Preview.

Google has recently announced its plans to upgrade its Google Home app to make it more useful and supportive than ever before. In a recent discussion forum, the company stated its plans to develop an offline mode so the Google Home app can work effectively without an internet connection, as well as better support for Nest devices and more third-party device integration.

The Google Home app has experienced some serious upgrades in the past year. Not only has the interface been completely redesigned for better customisation, but it also added a new AI ‘Help me’ script for easier automations. While all these upgrades have made the app more user friendly, there are still some features and functionalities that users have been asking for.

Towards the end of March 2024, Google developers for the Google Home app and Nest devices took to a Reddit AMA to answer questions from commenters and to address concerns. Within the comment section, users complained that smart home commands required an internet connection to function properly.

In response to this concern, the team of Google developers revealed that they were working on introducing an offline mode to the app. The way Google Home currently works to send commands is by routing through Google servers rather than going directly to the devices. With this upcoming upgrade, users will still be able to send commands to devices like their best smart bulbs without an internet connection and locally through Matter.

Google Home AI updates

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Other upcoming updates to the Google Home app were revealed, including added support for Nest cameras. Older first generation Nest security cameras don’t work properly with Google Home, which the developers state they’re working on.

Alongside this update, the Google team also said they’re working on improving third-party device integrations, specifically with Wyze and Eufy. The developers stated their main priority is adding support to its own Nest products, mainly due to security concerns and close collaborations with third-party devices, but improvements are reportedly being worked on.

A launch date or rollout plan for these upgrades have yet to be announced, but they’ll be expected to become available first through the Google Home Public Preview programme.

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