Now pure wrist power can charge your phone and other devices

Battery-aiding Boost Band is not the prettiest wearable ever, but it is potentially one of the most useful

For as long as gadget brands insist on making their devices incredibly powerful, yet wafer thin, there'll be a need for external battery packs - and we have all the best ones to peruse here.They generally resemble bricks, but now there's a new battery in town: one that can be worn on your wrist.

Dubbed the Boost Band, the device is a, to be honest, reasonably ugly bracelet, but one with a purpose: it hides a battery within. A 1,500mAh one, to be precise, just enough to give your phone or other mobile devices an extra bit of juice when you need it.

In fact, this would give an iPhone 6 (1800mAh) about 80 per cent extra battery life and a Samsung Galaxy S5 (2800mAh) about a 50 per cent bonus.

The Boost Band comes with a standard USB port for hooking up to a charging cable and a Micro USB port so it can charge itself from the mains.

The device is the brainchild of Paul Elliott and David Spang. The idea first came to light after Paul received a power bank as a gift.

“When he started using it a close friend made the comment that it would be better if it were on your wrist, but the spark didn't happen there,” said the inventors.

“A few weeks later David had his first experience with a power bank at a music festival. After losing two power banks and struggling to keep his phone and GoPro charged, he knew there had to be a better solution where you could keep it on you without any extra effort.”

Boost Band comes in a multitude of colour and early backers of the Kickstarter campaign the inventors are running can get one of these devices for $20 in black or turquoise with shipping included in the deal.