ghd’s new hair straighteners are motion responsive and cut down your styling time

ghd launches new Chronos straighteners with motion responsiveness and longer-lasting results

ghd Chronos
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ghd recently debuted its Chronos hair straighteners, a HD motion-responsive styler that adapts to your styling movements for more accurate heat control. The Chronos straighteners also offer quick styling and longer-lasting results for 24 hours.

Available in black and white, the ghd Chronos are available to buy for £289.

ghd has recently launched a new pair of hair straighteners, adding to its award-winning styling collection. The ghd Chronos have been dubbed ghd’s most professional HD motion responsive styler, as they adapt to your hair and styling movement to offer better heat control and protection.

ghd currently holds the top spot in our best hair straighteners guide, with its 5-star ghd Platinum+. The ghd Platinum+ have predictive technology which responds to each strand of your hair. The new ghd Chronos looks to have built on this smart technology, offering more responsive styling than ever before.

The ghd Chronos are powered by HD motion responsive technology that continuously adapts to your styling movement, like how you run the plates through your hair. Measuring this movement and the way your hair reacts, the ghd Chronos automatically adjusts its heat for a more accurate styling temperature.

Reaching temperatures of up to 185˚C, the ghd Chronos works to maintain this heat during styling to deliver more accuracy and longer lasting results. This focus on temperature control is kinder to hair, leading to less breakages and damage, plus it helps users achieve superior styling that lasts for up to 24 hours.

ghd Chronos

(Image credit: ghd)

The design of the ghd Chronos is similar to the Platinum+, although the ceramic floating plates look thinner. Available in black or white, the ghd Chronos has an ergonomic rounded design to easily allow straight styling, curls or waves in a more comfortable way for your wrists.

The wishbone hinge has also been reengineered to keep the plate aligned for better control, and the ultra-gloss finish of the plates for less frizz and more shine. The ghd Chronos also has a sensor light display that indicates the temperature of the straighteners.

If you’ve ever used a pair of straighteners, you’ll know the worrying feeling of leaving your home and not remembering if you’ve turned them off or not. Well, for extra safety, the ghd Chronos has an integrated sleep mode that will automatically turn them off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Not only does this give you peace of mind but the safety feature is also energy efficient.

Available to buy at ghd, the ghd Chronos are £289, and come with free gifts with your purchase.

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