Get the perfect shot with a Travel Tripod by Peak Design

An essential travel companion for avid photographers

(Image credit: Future)

Ever wondered how photographers get a perfect photo taken at just the right height and at the optimum angle, flawlessly encapsulating the photographer's vision? 

While artistic talent has a lot to do with it, a key piece of equipment that enables a photographer to get those amazing shots is a decent tripod. 

If you’re on the lookout for a tripod that will take your photography game to the next level, the Travel Tripod by Peak Design is the perfect tool to add to your repertoire.

Built for use in the field, this innovative product will be your new travel buddy that can handle any terrain you choose to venture on. It’s light and compact, whilst also being robust and easy-to-use so it won’t weigh you down as you voyage across the fields. 

As you prepare to take your shot, the Travel Tripod will rapidly deploy in 9.8 seconds – a fraction of the time it takes to fully set-up conventional tripods. 

With a 9.7kg weight capacity, the Travel Tripod is designed to handle a full frame DSLR and telephoto lenses. It’s also incredibly easy to adjust the angle and height, with no confusing knobs – just one single, ergonomic adjustment ring for smooth and simple control.

Also inbuilt is an ingeniously integrated phone mount hidden away in the stem of the tripod, so you can capture crisp time lapses and long exposures with your pocket camera. 

The Travel Tripod is available in two different materials: aluminium (AU$488) and carbon fibre (AU$836). If you’re wondering why the carbon fibre model is double the price of the aluminium – it’s lighter (1.56kg vs 1.27kg) and it has superior vibration dampening, allowing better stabilisation. 

While they’re both relatively expensive, they meet the professional expectations of their class, plus the additional benefits of being uniquely compact and lightweight – not to mention the popularity of Peak Design since its Kickstarter launch in 2012.

As the saying goes, you have to be extra to be extraordinary, and the Trivial Tripod just might be that extra you need to make yourself an extraordinary photographer.