Get 50% off all mattresses in the Eve Sleep Summer sale

Save over £500 on Eve Sleep mattresses & mattress toppers this summer

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The summer sales have been running from June and now that we’re into August, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. One of the best sales we’ve found this summer is the Eve Sleep summer sale, which is offering up to 50% off its entire mattress collection and 25% off its line of mattress toppers.

Right now in the Eve Sleep summer sale, customers can save over £500 on the Original, Premium and Lighter mattress lines, including their hybrid versions. For a full sleep set-up, the Eve Sleep summer sale also has low prices on standard and cot mattress toppers, sheets and duvet sets.

Shop the Eve Sleep Summer sale

Eve Sleep is best known for its wide range of mattresses, bedding, protectors, duvets, bed frames and other sleep accessories. At T3, we’ve tried and tested many different mattress brands and have listed Eve Sleep in our best mattress guide. After rigorous research, we found that Eve Sleep’s mattresses have top levels of support, temperature regulation and a comfortable cushioning feel.

Summer is a great time to buy a new mattress, especially if you’ve been having trouble sleeping during the warmer months. Alongside buying a new and discounted mattress from Eve Sleep, you can also try out these rules for sleeping in a heatwave to get the most out of your mattress.

We’ve rounded up the best deals from Eve Sleep below or you can shop the full Eve Sleep summer sale now. All mattresses and toppers are available in multiple sizes, including, single, small double, double, king and super king.

Eve Original Mattress (Double): was £685, now £343 at Eve Sleep

Eve Original Mattress (Double): was £685, now £343 at Eve Sleep
Get 49% off the Eve Original Mattress in the summer sale. This comfortable mattress features 3 layers of breathable memory foam and has a 24cm thickness and unique contour zones for extra support. Available in white/yellow and white/grey.

Eve Premium Mattress (Double): was £1,024, now £512 at Eve Sleep

Eve Premium Mattress (Double): was £1,024, now £512 at Eve Sleep
Save £512 on the Eve Premium Mattress. The Premium mattress has 4 luxurious levels of foam, 2 of which come with active cooling to tackle hot and sweaty nights. It offers a great and consistent level of support for back, front and side sleepers, and is ideal for spine alignment and pressure relief.

Eve Lighter Mattress (Double): was £513, now £333 at Eve Sleep

Eve Lighter Mattress (Double): was £513, now £333 at Eve Sleep
The Eve Lighter Mattress is in our top 3 for the best bed in a box mattress because of its comfort and support levels, low motion transfer and great value for money. With this 35% price cut, this lightweight mattress is even more affordable than before and is made of super springy foam, perfect for those new to memory foam mattresses.

Eve Mattress Topper (Double): was £249, now £186 at Eve Sleep

Eve Mattress Topper (Double): was £249, now £186 at Eve Sleep
Get the Eve Mattress Topper for just £186 in the summer sale. While it works better in combination with an Eve Sleep mattress, you can add extra support and comfort to your current mattress with this discounted mattress topper. It doesn’t slip or slide while you sleep and it’s super breathable so you won’t get too hot.

For extra money off your next Eve Sleep mattress, check out these Eve Sleep discount codes.

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