Razer's new OSVR headset will have big, new games! Big, old games! And some not-quite-so-big ones, too!

Virtual reality platform will boast Half-Life 2, Elite: Dangerous and a whole THREE other titles! (So far)

Razer's OSVR (Open-Source Virtual Reality) is a printable and hackable take on the virtual reality headset. Now it's officially set for a development kit release later this year, and its list of compatible games just got a little more interesting with the addition of Valve's gently maturing darling Half-Life 2 and Frontier's hard sci-fi dogfighting sim, Elite: Dangerous.

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OSVR will cost US$200 (which makes it about $150 cheaper than the dev kits for Oculus Rift and considerably less expensive than those recently revealed HoloLens kits at a whopping $3,000). We'd expect to see it at about £180 in the UK, because rip-off Britain.

Rather than pissing about with "experiential marketing", Razer says its VR platform will be 'all about the games'. Not exactly ramming this point home, there are so far only five titles confirmed. First up, OSVR is compatible with Valve's SteamVR platform, like Vive. It's thus no surprise that Valve classics Half-Life 2 and eternal online shooter fave Team Fortress 2 are also already confirmed for the headset.

Alongside those much-loved Valve titles will be OSVR's biggest new game, the increasingly omnipresent-on-VR Elite: Dangerous. A massive and immersive dogfighting and space exploration experience, the new Elite is already on the books for Rift and Vive, so its no surprise to see Frontier making it available to Razer as well.

There's also an online racer called Live for Speed, not to be confused with Need for Speed, no no no. Oh, and there's a bizarre shooter called, of all things, Spermination. Sounds like things are gonna get messy in this VR war.

Via: Razer

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