PS5 converts HARDCORE Xbox gamer – here's why, in his own words

"The PS5 presentation came and rattled me. Xbox had the perfect storm. They wasted it."

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The impending battle between the Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X looks set to be one of the biggest ever, with the "most powerful console ever" going toe-to-toe with the PlayStation 5 this winter holiday season.

For one gamer, though, it looks like the console war is already won, with him explaining in detail why, despite having a history of being a passionate Xbox gamer, he feels Microsoft has "wasted" the advantage it had and that he will be picking up a "PS5 in November".

The explanation was detailed in a Reddit post entitled, "Sony's PS5 marketing angle is absolutely genius", and in it user AndrewUnknown states that:

"I’ve been on Xbox my entire life. Owned a 360 and got a One within a year of launch. I was always team Xbox and was the one to get pissy when people would talk shit on it. You could call me an “Xbot” of sorts. I went into this summer fully ready to get a Series X at launch. Halo looked great from previous years. I had no reason to not like Xbox.

But the PS5 presentation came and rattled me. It was absolute banger after banger with announcements. It was the perfect storm. After, I was still un-easy about the PS5 but more open. The Xbox presentation changed that. It was selling game pass more then the system.

PlayStation is putting themselves as true next gen. They give you a reason to want the PS5 with the exclusives. They require you to get it to play Miles and Rachet and Clank. Brand new system from the top down, and brand new controller. Xbox is just using the same software and controller, then using big buzzwords like “Smart Delivery” to get people excited. They’re leveraging games like Cyberpunk and Assassins Creed to try to get ahead. As excited as I am about Cyberpunk, why am I better off playing on a Series X then a PS5?

Xbox had the perfect storm. More power, Halo at launch, good studios. They wasted it. The marketing makes it seem like nothing more then a Game Pass streaming box that has the ability to play third-party games. My Xbox One will like pretty great next to my PS5 in November"

Here at T3 we think the Xbox Series X looks like a technical powerhouse, a console that has pixel-pushing prowess to spare and the sort of tech chops that can lead to truly jaw-dropping virtual worlds. We can't wait to get our hands on one, fire it up, and see just what 12 teraflops of GPU power can deliver.

That said, though, there is no doubting that the fact that the Xbox Series X will not have Halo Infinite to call on at launch will definitely have a negative impact on sales. That is the game that generations of loyal Xbox gamers had been waiting for, it was the game that was supposed to show just how awesome gaming on the Xbox Series X was going to be, so now that it has slipped indefinitely into 2021 or, maybe, even 2022, the disappointment among certain gamers is palpable.

In contrast, Sony seems to be approaching the PS5 release date with a stacked armory of exclusive PS5 games, as just evidenced in its latest sizzle-reel trailer (viewable below).

Whether or not more Xbox gamers will have their heads turned toward PlayStation 5 remains to be seen, although with another show-stopping PS5 event rumored to be dropping in about a week, where PS5 pre-orders are slated to be opening, many could be fiercely tempted.

Here's hoping Microsoft can fight back with a show-stopping new show of its very own where we will not only be shown what awesome new games we can play on the Xbox Series X, but also just what the Xbox Series S is capable of, too, which has just leaked ahead of its official reveal once more.

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