Gadget lovers to lead electric car revolution says expert

Exclusive: The progression and adoption of electric cars is to be pushed by gadget fans

Whilst electric cars are predicted to improve in-car tech a Vauxhall spokesperson has suggested tech lovers are to be the ones to push the rise of those vehicles being powered by the grid

Gadget lovers are to lead the electric car revolution with the futuristic vehicles to be stuffed with high-end in-car tech, a Vauxhall spokesperson has claimed.

Speaking exclusively with T3 Vauxhall's product managed has suggested that despite doubts about range and power, those looking to snap up the current emerging breed of electric cars are to be lead by the desire to own the latest technology.

“If you're going to buy an electric car in the first instance you're going to be someone who knows about technology,” Debbie Shields, Product and Technology Manager at Vauxhall said.

She added: “You're going to be someone who wants to be one of these early adopters, someone who wants the latest gadgets.”

Suggesting electric vehicles are set to boast more in-car tech than their petrol powered counterparts Shields said: “Electric cars are going to provide all the in-car gadgets that you could possible need. From hard drives that allow you to download masses of music and videos in order to stream it in the car down to full LED display.”

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