Fortnite's Spider-Man is already doing loops around Spider-Man from Marvel's Avengers

Here's how to unlock Spider-Man as part of the new Fortnite Battle Pass

Fortnite Spider-Man Avengers Spider-Man
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Fortnite Chapter 3 is now well underway with its first season already receiving heaps of praise for its implementation of everybody's favourite wall-crawler, Spider-Man. Namely, the web-swinging ability has been highlighted as surprisingly great, something Marvel's Avengers came under fire for only a few weeks back.

Spider-Man was officially added to Fortnite as part of its new Battle Pass – including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's legendary hero The Foundation – and quickly comparisons began between Epic Games' version of the character and the one from Crystal Dynamics. It's worth noting that Marvel's Avengers currently has 10 characters all with their own movesets, while Fortnite's version is primarily a skin. That said, the difference is quite staggering. 

The fast and free-flowing movement drew further comparisons to Insomniac's massively lauded Spider-Man and Miles Morales titles. It even has web-surfing! One clip of Fortnite's Spider-Man, in particular, has now received more than 70,000 likes and has been viewed over one million times. Check out the clip among a few others below:

Footage of Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers can be seen below for comparison:

I personally spent over 70 hours with Marvel's Avengers and loved my time with it – especially the main campaign. However, It is a little disappointing that Fortnite seems to have one-upped the superhero game, considering the amount of marketing that was put towards Spider-Man being a PlayStation exclusive. I'm still very keen to try both. 

Spider-Man can be acquired in Fortnite on page nine of the Battle Pass with the outfit itself costing nine Battle Stars. Fortnite's premium battle pass can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks (1,000 V-Bucks cost £6.49 / $7.99 / AU$11.95) with players then needing to gain 75 stars in total to unlock Spidey. Alternatively, you can climb to level 80. Either way it's going to take a bit of time but it sure does look damn worth it. 

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Flipped kicked off on December 5th, 2021 and is expected to last for three months. More characters will be added in future, such as Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz from Gears of War.

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