Forget Google Pixel 8 – there may be another foldable phone in the works

Google code suggests the existence of another foldable phone which could join the Pixel family

Google Pixel Fold review
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Well it's finally here – today is the launch day for the Google Pixel 8. The new range is set to showcase the latest and greatest technology from the brand, with a couple of phones among a range of new devices expected.

The handsets expected to launch today are likely to be standard Android phones – or slab phones, as they are now affectionately called. But that's not the only thing for users to get excited about.

That's because evidence has been found in some analysed code which suggests another foldable phone may be in the works. That comes from 9to5Google, who found the reference in the latest version of the Google Pixel Buds app.

That code makes reference to a device codenamed "Comet". According to the report, that doesn't fit into the codenaming conventions for either the Pixel 8 or the Pixel 9 series. Those are said to use dogs and reptiles respectively.

If it's not from either of those, a foldable phone seems like a likely alternative. So, what might that device be? Well, there are two options which seem plausible.

First, it could be a second-generation version of the Google Pixel Fold. That device launched earlier this year, with mixed reviews. It's entirely possible that the team have looked at some of the issues users had and designed a refined second version.

However, it's the second option which I'm much more excited by – a Google Pixel Flip. We've heard whispers about such a device being a part of the long term plan for the brand, as they look to expand further into the foldable phone space.

I think a Flip phone would make a lot of sense. They tend to be cheaper than book-style folding devices, making it easier to entice users to give it a go. The form factor is also much more useful. A book-style device is basically just a tablet with a phone screen on the front. That's fine if you want that, but having a phone sized device which you can make smaller is much more practical for most people.

Of course, there's no way of knowing right now. Given that this code is the first real information we've seen about any such device, it's not expected to make an appearance at the event today. However, it's still an exciting development – and one which we'll be keeping a close eye on over the next few months.

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