Forget cheap foldable phones, a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra would go further

Rumours from a reliable source suggest a top-spec foldable phone could arrive this year

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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Rumours have emerged about changes to the Samsung foldable phone lineup.

That could see a new "Ultra" variant appear to top the range.

Whether you love them or hate them, foldable phones are here to stay. The market segment has grown substantially in the last few years, with new brands and models hitting the market all the time.

Even at the Mobile World Congress trade show, we saw devices hitting the market. That includes a new affordable flip phone in the shape of the Nubia Flip 5G. That's something which I've been waiting on for a long time – but now there's a totally different new product rumoured.

According to Roland Quandt – a well-regarded tipster with a great reputation – there could be a new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra on the cards. That would sit above the top model – currently the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 – to offer a more premium experience.

According to the report, the model range will be designed in a similar fashion to the slab bodied Samsung phone range. That would employ three different tiers, presumably marketed as so:

That's certainly an interesting strategy. While many would appreciate some higher spec features, that's likely to come with a much higher cost, too.

That's not unreasonable, but given the already high cost of foldable phones, it does seem like a bit of a risk. With mass-market adoption still some way off, the prospect of a cheaper device was quite enticing. It had the potential to act as a catalyst, bringing new users to the market – particularly from a big brand like Samsung.

Still, that might be achievable. There is a scenario where Samsung allow the new Ultra to take over from the current Fold, pitching the Fold at a price point between the Flip and the Ultra. While it seems unlikely, there is very little information to go on, so nothing can quite be ruled out just yet.

For now then, we'll just have to wait and see what other rumours emerge over the next six months or so.

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