1 million bonus points: cyclist actually stops at red light! Achievement Unlocked: you actually get train seat in rush hour!

Ford wants to gameify your commute to make it even more fun

This morning atGamescomFord announced a new initiave which aims to ease the stress of peoples' commute using 'gamerfication'.

Gamescom may seem like a strange fit for a large car company such as Ford, but the 'Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge' is aimed directly at game developers.

The competition will challenge groups to create an online game that could inspire real life solutions to mobility issues.

The game should integrate different forms of transport within a city. For instance, game developers could reward participating commuters for successful journeys based on duration, cost, comfort and convenience.

The game could also provide rewards for walking or cycling, and encouraging people to take under-utilised routes (which would in turn help ease congestion).

A panel of experts, including Dan Greenawalt, creative director behind the Forza games, will choose five finalists, and the winning team will receive €10,000 and have their work presented at Mobile World Congress 2016.

“The Smart Mobility Game Challenge is designed to harness the creativity of the gaming community and empower gamers to take a fresh approach to tackling today's global mobility issues,” said Ken Washington, vice president, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.

“Applying the fun, engaging and rewarding aspects of games to journey planning can allow people to improve their commutes, track their success and become aware of how their behaviour impacts the transport infrastructure as a whole.”

Interested in entering? You can submit your idea here- you have until October 1.

In other Ford related Gamescom news, the company have unveiled a unique Ford Focus RS. The RS features an exterior designed by Forza Motorsport players:

We think it looks pretty impressive.