Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Cons tipped for major upgrade – extra buttons and a surprising new tech

New console also reportedly backward compatible with existing Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
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A Chinese peripherals manufacturer claims to have knowledge of the Nintendo Switch 2, so has revealed some alleged key details for the new machine.

That includes a new style Joy-Con with some interesting additions and upgrades.

A peripheral company has spilled the beans on the Nintendo Switch 2 – namely its upgraded Joy-Cons.

It claims that the next-gen console will have larger controllers than its predecessor, which will also attach to the sides of the new machine using magnets rather than the sliding rail system currently used.

If true, this will be a major step forward for the technology, as it can be a pain detaching the existing Joy-Cons. Pressing the tiny button and sliding them off the screen can be a fiddly process (even more do when detaching one of the wristband holders).

The accessory manufacturer, Mobapad, claims to know "firsthand information" about the new console, which it has shared on its own blog (via VGC). It claims that the new Joy-Cons will also sport metal SL and SR buttons, rather than the plastic on the current versions.

Attachment to the main unit will be secure thanks to "electromagnetic suction technology, controlled by electric current". They will also come with an additional button each, it says.

Other details revealed by Mobapad, which we assume will be making third-party peripherals for the new Nintendo, include specifications we've heard before – such as the screen being upgraded to 8-inches. It'll be 1080p, but will support 4K when output to a TV through a new dock, it states.

The new Joy-Cons and an upgraded Pro Controller with allegedly still contain an ALPS dual-axis linear motor apiece, for HD rumble effects. And there's potentially good news for existing Switch owners as the console is claimed to be backward compatible with your current controllers (although we're not quite sure how the same Joy-Cons can be used without the sliding rails).

Nintendo Switch games will also work with Switch 2, including cartridges, it is said. But, Switch 2 games will not work on legacy hardware.

Now we don't know how much of this is know for sure by the accessory firm, or if a lot has been gleaned from other rumours, but if true it seems we have a lot to look forward to next year.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be released next March.

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