Fly up the mountains with the On Running Cloudventure Peak trail running shoes

Whether you're ascending or descending, these shoes will make it easier to dominate all terrains

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Trail running is one of the few sports that doesn't require excessive amount of equipment to be practised efficiently. You'll need your trail running shoes, probably a good reusable water bottle (we don't want to pollute the planet even more with single use plastics) and – if you are keen on monitoring your performance – a fitness tracker for running

Of these, the trail running shoes are the most important. Trail running is great for your overall health, probably better than running indoors on a treadmill, because you activate more muscles to stabilise your body on the uneven terrain. Also, this sport is performed under the blue sky and most usually away from the city centres, clearing your lungs out from all the smog.

You can use any running shoe to run up and down on hills and mountains, of course, but trail running shoes provide benefits regular running shoes don't. It's the same as using a gokart to get around town; it will get the job done but not quite as efficiently.

Why do we recommend the On Running Cloudventure Peak for trail running?

One might think that running uphill is when trail running shoes have to work the most. In reality, when running downhill, runners can experience forces as much as five times their body weight. If you are an average built male, that's 55 stones of pressure on your knees and ankles when your feet hit the ground.

Running downhill is when the Cloudventure Peak really excels: the Cloudtec technology doesn't only cushion your footsteps but also translates the downward force into motion energy, making you go forward even faster.

You won't be sluggish on ascends either with these shoes. The patented Speedboard system from On will literally put a spring in your step, giving you a push forward when you need it the most.

The On Cloudventure Peak also has a 4 level grip profile, courtesy of the micro-engineered grip-rubber sole, which provides ample amount of traction on a variety of surfaces for maximum control. Your feet will stay where you place them, all whilst you'll experience soft landings and firm takeoffs. 

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The main concern with trail shoes is that small rocks can get stuck in the holes in the sole of the shoe. Judging by the reviews, it is not the case with the Cloudventure Peak. Hard-core runners praise the shoes for their performance and high comfort levels. If anything, most of the reviewers were surprised not getting any blisters after using them for longer races without breaking the shoes in first.

The Cloudventure Peak does have the rugged trail running shoe-look but due to the slimline and minimalist design, it doesn't feel clumsy. The bright orange main colour of the upper fabric and the sole makes the shoes recognisable even from the distance.  A really handsome shoe indeed for trail runners of all levels.

Check out the best prices for the On running Cloudventure Peak trail running shoes below.

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