Latest Fitbit fitness tracker is already on offer in Amazon Black Friday sale – who knows how long?

Fancy some money off the new Fitbit Charge 6? Plus tons more Fitbit deals at Amazon and elsewhere

Runner wearing the Fitbit Charge 6
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As I say in T3's best cheap Fitbit deals roundup, Fitbit has never shied away from selling its latest wearables at a discounted price. And guess what? Mere months after the release of Fitbit's best fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 6, it's on offer at Amazon. Good things come to those who wait, after all!

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Fitbit's Charge franchise represents the best the Californian brand has to offer when it comes to fitness bands. It has a built-in GPS, monitors heart rate and sleep, recognises several sports activities automatically, and can even measure ECG. Battery life is an impressive seven days, and despite the lightweight chassis, this capable wearable is also water-resistant up to 50 metres.

Fitbit by Google Charge 6 Activity Tracker: was £140, now £119 at Amazon

Fitbit by Google Charge 6 Activity Tracker: was £140, now £119 at Amazon
Bag this superb fitness tracker for 15% off this Black Friday. The price includes six months of Fitbit Premium subscription, which grants access to advanced sleep metrics, workouts, and more. All three colourways are on offer – don't miss out!

Not your cup of tea, or looking for something cheaper? Aren't you lucky as there are many excellent Fitbit offers among the best Black Friday deals, many of which can be found at Amazon. If you're not the biggest fan of the online retailer giant, you can find the best cheap Fitbit deals elsewhere below.

The real keys to Fitbit's success are wearability, a good, motivational app, a wide range of features, and, if the stats aren't necessarily bang-on accurate, they are at least consistent in how they are inaccurate. In that case, you can tell if you are improving, maintaining or – heaven forbid – deteriorating in terms of activity and fitness.

That said, Fitbits, like most wearables, are getting more accurate. The latest models can accurately track both heart rate and sleep. Fitbit is particularly famous for its sleep-tracking prowess, and given the band's lightweight design, people can actually wear it to bed. 

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