Boxing Day sale: early Eve mattress mega-sale gets you a Double for under £300

Make 2022 the year you finally upgrade your bed

Eve mattress on a bed in a room
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It's not quite 2022 yet, but the January mattress sales have well and truly landed. One of the best I've spotted comes from Eve, where there's up to 40% off the full mattress range.

Eve is the brand behind some of the best mattresses you can buy. There's plenty to choose from in the range, too: Eve has three different mattress models, which get gradually fancier and more expensive as you go up the collection. Then each of those three models can be ordered in either a foam-only or hybrid (i.e. springs and foam) version, depending on your preference. I'd go for a hybrid every time, personally, but it's very much up to you. The discounts in this sale vary depending on which model you go for, but there's a decent chunk off all of them.

The Eve mattresses we've tested have scored four stars, which is a very solid recommendation. We were especially enamoured with the Lighter range, which punches well above its budget-friendly price tag in terms of both build quality and comfort. Happily, it's also the mattress with the biggest discount in this current sale: 40% off all sizes means you can pick up a Double for £285, which is exceptional value. 

Head to our Eve Premium mattress review or Eve Lighter mattress review for an in-depth look at each model before you make your decision. These are amongst the best Eve discount codes and deals we've seen, and you've got until the end of January to claim. 

Eve Lighter mattress: Double was £475, now £285 at Eve Sleep (save £190)40% off! Deal ends: 31 Jan

Eve Lighter mattress: Double was £475, now £285 at Eve Sleep (save £190)
40% off! The Lighter is Eve's budget-friendly mattress, which means it has a simpler design than its pricier siblings. That's not to say it's a dud choice – we found it incredibly comfy in our tests. And with the biggest discount of the range, it's ridiculously good value right now.
Deal ends: 31 Jan

Eve Original mattress: Double was £652, now £423.8 at Eve Sleep (save £229)Deal ends: 31 Jan

Eve Original mattress: Double was £652, now £423.8 at Eve Sleep (save £229)
The second biggest discount is on the Original, which has 35% off all sizes. Choose between foam-only or hybrid, and you can opt for a classy grey or sunny yellow edging fabric.
Deal ends: 31 Jan

And if you can't afford a new mattress right now, our hot tip is to invest in a topper instead – the Eve mattress topper is currently 20% off. It can completely transform a tired old mattress. 

Ruth Hamilton

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