Eufy announces new robot vacuum cleaner that’s more human than you think

The Eufy S1 Pro vacuums, mops and self-cleans, all in a stylish package

eufy S1 Pro
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Eufy is launching its new flagship robot vacuum cleaner, the S1 Pro Floor Washing Robot Vacuum and All-in-One Station. It’s been developed with a TurboWash roller map that mimics the scrubbing of human hands for better pressure, contact and deep cleaning.

The new Eufy S1 Pro will be available on Kickstarter and eufy in April/May 2024.

Smart cleaning and security brand, Eufy has just announced its newest robot vacuum cleaner, the S1 Pro Floor Washing Robot Vacuum and All-in-One Station. Despite being a robot vacuum, Eufy has claimed that the S1 Pro has been developed to be more ‘human’ than before and react to situations like a human would.

Eufy has quickly become known for its range of best robot vacuum cleaners, and this new launch marks the S1 Pro as Eufy’s new flagship product under the S-series of high-end vacuum cleaners. A vacuum, mop and self-cleaning station in one, the Eufy S1 Pro could replace the Eufy X9 Pro as one of our favourite robot vacuums, as it’s made the entire process easier and more human.

As a robot, it might sound strange that the Eufy S1 Pro promises to be more ‘human’. But this is because it’s been engineered to mimic and react to things the way a human would, meaning deeper cleaning and better avoidance of objects around your home.

How this works is the Eufy S1 Pro has a new TurboWash Roller Mop that mimics the scrubbing of human hands to exert the right amount of pressure to remove dirt and stains. This, coupled with the 170 RPM rotation speed and self-cleaning features, means the Eufy S1 Pro cleans your floor while it also cleans the mop.

The mop measures 290mm, the longest mop in its class and from Eufy to date. It creates a water circulation system that uses air pressure for smart water absorption and drainage, so it applies the right amount of water to the floor while cleaning the mop and collecting dirty water for the waste tank.

eufy S1 Pro

(Image credit: eufy)

If you’ve ever used a robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll know that they can occasionally bump into things if there’s an unexpected obstacle. With the Eufy S1 Pro, it has a 3D MatrixEye Depth Perception system that recognises and reacts to obstacles like a human would, before creating a new cleaning path. This advanced AI navigation, mapping and RGB camera means it won’t bump into things as often and can identify household objects, like pets, toys, shoes, and children.

The Eufy S1 Pro has a compact design and clever UniClean Station with Triple Self Cleaning, to keep your home hygienic and your vacuum-mop sterilised. The station fully automates the cleaning and refilling, and it has a built-in Eco-Clean Ozone generator that sterilises the vacuum and mop.

Other notable features include a 8,000 Pa suction power for its vacuum mode, and when you’re cleaning carpets, the Eufy S1 Pro has a 12mm Auto Mop Lift that automatically elevates when it detects carpet. The Eufy S1 Pro is launching on Kickstarter before being available to buy at Eufy in May.

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