Get Elden Ring on PS5 with free PlayStation gift card in this unbelievably cheap deal

How to save some Runes on the new Souls game

Elden Ring and PlayStation Gift Card
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Anyone that has been holding off on picking up Elden Ring is in luck, as not only is there a great deal for the game on PlayStation 5 but it also comes with a PlayStation gift card.

The deal reduces the PS5 price of Elden by more than 30% while also gifting a £5 PlayStation gift card to put towards any further purchase. It's a great offer for one of the best games in recent years. 

Order soon and the game will be dispatched today meaning you can jump into the FromSoftware developed title this weekend. I've spent more than 60 hours with Elden RIng and am completely obsessed with its world. You can easily get 100 hours plus out of this experience, so this is deal is ridiculously cheap for what you get in return. 

Elden Ring (PS5): was £64.99, now £44.85 at ShopTo

Elden Ring (PS5): was £64.99, now £44.85 at ShopTo
A PlayStation 5 disc copy of Elden Ring along with a PlayStation gift card worth £5 makes up this great deal. Make sure to take advantage before the offer ends.   

Why should I get this Elden Ring deal? 

Elden Ring is currently one of the highest-rated games of all time, alongside the likes of GTA and The Legend of Zelda. It has already amassed more than 12 million sales since launching near the end of March, proving its popularity.

T3's Elden Ring review said: "Elden Ring combines the addictive combat of FromSoftware's Souls genre with the deep lore that George R. R. Martin has reaped with Game of Thrones for an experience that fans of each will devour. While newcomers might be put off by both the amount of jargon and steep difficulty curve, those that commit to Elden Ring will find a more than satisfying experience." 

What I love is that it's stemmed so many fantastic stories from the community, such as this Elden Ring player that went viral after surprising their husband with over half a million Runes (in-game currency). Being able to save 31% and get an additional £5 thrown in for free is pretty terrific and hard to beat.  

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