Elden Ring player goes viral after surprising husband with over half a million Runes

Wholesome ahead

Elden Ring box art with Great Rune
(Image credit: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware)

An Elden Ring player has gone viral after farming over half a million Runes (in-game currency) and gifting them to their partner.

The post was uploaded to Reddit where it has already gathered close to 60,000 upvotes (at the time of writing) and almost 100 different awards for its general wholesomeness. It seems that while the husband in question was at work, his partner logged into Elden Ring and gathered 512,387 Runes for him to enjoy once he returned, after only having 12,000 Runes to begin with. 

Runes are reasonably easy to come by in Elden Ring but are lost once a player dies. It's then up to the player to collect the Runes from the spot they last died before dying once again – or they are lost forever. This takes some commitment, and therefore, you can see why so many users online are applauding the move. It's also just nice in general to see an act of kindness shared within the gaming community. 

 As a result, lots of comments have already started calling the Reddit user "The Elden Wife" and "the maiden herself" in reference to the game. One comment joked how the husband could return home, start playing, not notice the Runes before dying twice, losing all of the hard work. This prompted comical responses such as "Be wary of divorce" and "Divorce ahead", again referencing the in-game language. 

In T3's Elden Ring review, we said that: "Elden Ring is exactly the tight, action game fans of Souls genre have been pining for, even if its high barrier to entry may put off newcomers." I'm currently 60 hours into the FromSoftware game and could use a handy half a million Runes to take on a boss or two. 

Elden Ring has only been out a few weeks but it has already sold more than Spider-Man: Miles Morales with over 12 million sales. It makes sense considering critical consensus pushed Elden Ring to join Zelda and GTA as one of the highest-rated games in history. 

Meanwhile, publisher Bandai Namco has announced that it looks to expand the Elden Ring IP "beyond the realm of games". So does that mean we're getting an Elden Ring TV show or movie? Or is this just an unusual way to announce a sequel? We'll have to wait and see.

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