Eight Sleep’s new Pod mattress stops you snoring and is more cooling than ever before

Eight Sleep adds to its sleep fitness collection with new Pod 4 Ultra

Eight Sleep Pod 4
(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

Eight Sleep has just launched two new mattress toppers: the Pod 4 and the Pod 4 Ultra. The new smart mattresses have been redesigned and engineered with new sensors and materials for comfort, adjustability and improved snoring detection.

Available to buy now, pricing for the Eight Sleep Pod 4 starts at £2,449.

The world’s first sleep fitness company, Eight Sleep has just launched its new Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra. The new Pods are designed to help you sleep better throughout the night, by detecting and stopping snoring, keeping you cool and adjusting your sleep position.

As smart technology takes over almost every room in the house, many of the best mattresses are being engineered with smart features to encourage a better night’s sleep and to track your nocturnal activities. Eight Sleep has been one of the leading smart mattress brands since its inception in 2014 with its Pod covers, including the Eight Sleep Pod Pro.

Now, Eight Sleep is giving its Pod a redesign and revamp in the form of the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra. Both feature the same core technology, including temperature regulation and biometric tracking, but the Pod 4 Ultra comes with an exclusive adjustable base.

Engineered with new software and hardware, the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra have 36 advanced biometric and environmental sensors in the Cover and Hub. Much like the best sleep trackers, these sensors track your heart and respiratory rate, sleep stages, time spent falling asleep, total time slept and snoring occurrences, all from the surface of the bed.

One of the most popular features of the Eight Sleep Pod is its temperature regulation, something that the brand has also upgraded on its new Pod 4 models. With a new thermal engine, the Pod 4 has better heat control than ever before, and offers increased airflow which is not only cooling but extremely quiet.

Eight Sleep Pod 4

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

The Pod 4 Ultra has all these features and more, in the form of its new and exclusive adjustable base. The base measures three inches tall and fits into your existing bed frame just underneath your mattress, to adjust yours and your partners’ body positions while you sleep, to prevent snoring and increase comfort.

How this works is the sensors, base and microphone detect snoring when vibrations are emitted by the body. When the Pod 4 recognises these sounds, it can find the intensity of the snoring and which side of the bed it’s coming from, before it automatically elevates your head to decrease snoring by up to 45%.

The perfect mattress for snorers and overheaters, the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra from Eight Sleep is available to buy today, with the former starting from £2,449 and the latter starting at £3,749. To save money on your purchases, make sure to head to our Eight Sleep mattress sales, deals and discount codes page.

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