Ecovacs’ new robot vacuum cleaner needs a strong kick to get it started

To use the new Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni, you need to give it a good kick… no really!

Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni
(Image credit: Ecovacs)

Ecovacs has launched its new DEEBOT T30 Omni robot vacuum cleaner. With advanced edge mopping, detection and anti-tangle technology, the coolest feature of the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is Foot Tap, where you give it a good kick to get it going.

The Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is available to pre-order for £799.

Ecovacs has just launched its latest robot vacuum cleaner, the DEEBOT T30 Omni. Dubbed its ‘first-ever truly edge-mopping and tangle-free DEEBOT’, the new Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni has a kickstart feature where you tap the top of it with your foot to get it started – no really!

As a robotic home appliances company, it’s unsurprising that Ecovacs sits highly in our best robot vacuum cleaner guide. The new Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is the successor to the T20 model, which our reviewer found to offer an expert clean but could do better on its edge cleaning in our Ecovacs DEEBOT T20 Omni review.

Clearly Ecovacs heard this feedback as the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni has better edge mopping than before, thanks to its clever TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mapping technology. Boosted by a high-speed motor with 11000Pa suction power, the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni offers precise deg cleaning with a 1mm proximity to collect and remove dirt, dust and other debris in hard-to-reach areas.

To ensure better edge vacuuming and mopping, the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni features its TrueDetect 3D 3.0 detection and mapping to avoid obstacles and offer a deeper clean. The detection process uses structured infrared light patterns to read and detect 3D object contours and depths, so it’s less likely to bump into anything or miss areas.

Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni

(Image credit: Amazon)

For the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni to make its way around your house, it uses TrueMapping 2.0 to quickly map 100 square metres in minutes. This technology includes multi-floor map management, path planning and automatic recognition sensors which are designed to prevent falls down stairs.

But my favourite thing about the new Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is its Foot Tap feature. While other robot vacuums are activated via smartphone apps, all you need to do to start the Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is lightly kick or tap your foot to its bumper. This one-touch control initiates cleaning without you having to faff around with an app and gets your cleaning jobs done quickly and easily.

The new Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni also has ZeroTangle technology to keep the roller brush free of hair, and it comes with a more compact docking and cleaning station than its predecessors. The Ecovacs DEEBOT T30 Omni is available to pre-order with shipping expected in June. It’s priced at £799 at Ecovacs and select retailers like Amazon.

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