Dune star's hit sci-fi show returns to Amazon Prime Video this month

Outer Range is back for a second season with Josh Brolin

Outer Range
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video's got a second season of its successful show Outer Range arriving later this month, as revealed by a new trailer. It looks like a must-watch, as you can see from the trailer embedded below.

The season drops on 16 May and Amazon will hope that it helps it fight back against the popular claim that Apple TV+ is the best streaming service right now – especially for sci-fi fans, where the options have been plentiful this year. 

After all, Outer Range revolves around a pretty wild concept, with a sort of time-travelling portal opening up on the edge of a town in Wyoming and the fallout from the event getting somewhat crazy. 

The show stars Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a rancher trying to keep his family above water in challenging times, even before the portal appears, and it looks like the second season will give a much bigger role to Imogen Poots as Autumn. 

With the portal no longer a totally new shock to the local community, we're clearly going to get further into questions about how it would change people's perceptions and attitudes – there are hints of a cult developing around it in the full trailer for this next season. 

When Outer Range's first season was at its best, it was looking in detail at how regular people process the incomprehensible, and the early signs are that things will only get more mad from here on in. Here's hoping.

The trailer indicates that more characters will be sucked into the portal at points, or indeed chuck themselves in there willingly, and we'll therefore be travelling to at least one other time period during this season. 

It's all looking like thrilling stuff, and we'd expect it to be anchored fabulously by the accomplished Brolin, fresh from his second turn as the war-master and arch-survivor Gurney Halleck in Dune: Part Two

Prime Video's shows are increasingly some of the most reliably good-looking TV series out there right now, too, and it seems like Outer Range will stretch its budget in this forthcoming season. All the more reason to watch.

That also makes it a perfect time to upgrade your TV before it arrives on 16 May – check out our list of the best OLED TVs right now if you want something that will maximise its creepy night-time scenes with inky blacks and vivid colours. 

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