Disney's highest-rated show with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes returns this month

The Bear is almost back

The Bear Season 3
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If you want to build hype for a third season of your TV show, there's nothing quite like prefacing it with two nearly perfect seasons in the first place.

The Bear can boast something that way too few TV shows manage – its first and second seasons sit on remarkable 99% and 100% scores on Rotten Tomatoes respectively.

Now its third season is right around the corner – it starts on 27 June and just got a proper, full trailer at last. 

So, we're now only a few weeks away from being able to binge the whole third season on Disney+ (or Hulu depending on where you're based – in the UK, it's Disney+ all the way). It's another feather in the cap of one of the best streaming services on the market.

The trailer packs plenty in to demonstrate that there's going to be more high-octane kitchen action, too, and plenty of the series' staple: stress!

Reassuringly for fans of work-life balance, it looks like Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, might not have actually fully ditched his lovely ex Claire at the end of the last season, as she's repeatedly mentioned and seen in the trailer, making a reconciliation seem possible.

Meanwhile his irrepressible, sometimes self-destructive work ethic looks like it'll be another stumbling block for the newly-opened fine-dining restaurant he's created, with a list of demanding "non-negotiables" clearly set to cause some tension with the rest of his chefs. 

As always, it looks like Sid, played by Ayo Edebiri, and Richie, played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, will be trying their best to keep Carmy under control while dealing with their own psychodramas, so things should remain pretty spicy and exciting. 

In the lead-up to the season Allen White talked about how the third outing would feature more episodes with the principal cast working together in the kitchen (since the renovating's all done), and that also looks like a box ticked based on the trailer.

So, circle 27 June in your diary and block out your evening to sit back and enjoy the fear-factor fun. If you can do so on a really excellent TV instead of some crumby old screen, more the better – check out our list of the very best TVs for some inspiration if you need it. 

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