Disney Plus just schooled Netflix with Raya and the Last Dragon – here's how

Raya and the Last Dragon showed Netflix subscribers what they are missing on Disney Plus

Disney Plus Raya and the Last Dragon Netflix
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So another week has passed by and, once again, what T3 said it would do in our Disney Plus review has come to pass – the streaming service has delivered truly "out of this world content", and done so in a way its rivals simply aren't matching.

Disney Plus released Raya and the Last Dragon last Friday and, to put it simply, the new animated film has received glowing reviews across the board.

Not only has the movie been praised for its spectacular animation, but also for its epic narrative and empowering character representation.

Most importantly, though, it has marked another victory for Disney Plus in its war against Netflix, which it is now half way toward winning.

And Disney Plus is achieving this firstly through spectacular value for money, with subscribers given full access to the complete works of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, The Simpsons and now Star. Disney is truly doubling down on its content and there is now a truly phenomenal amount of TV shows, movies and documentaries delivered by the streaming service.

But, secondly, and even more central to how Disney Plus has rapidly accrued almost half Netflix's subscriber base in just one year, is that it is the new destination for event release experiences. Just over the past six months or so look at the amount of Raya and the Last Dragon-style exclusive launches the streaming service has had.

I am talking about huge event experience releases like Frozen 2, Hamilton, Onward, Soul, WandaVision, Mulan, and The Mandalorian Season 2 – we're talking about the TV and movies that people are chatting about around the virtual water cooler week-in week-out. Where 20 years ago people chatted about Friends, now they're chatting about shows like WandaVision. Disney has managed to bring event TV experiences to its streaming service, and right now it is overshadowing both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video's ability to do this markedly in my mind.

And then, when you consider that Disney Plus is doing this while also supplying content for the entire family, as well as new movies like Raya and the Last Dragon that have something for everyone, and its value for money starts to seem even more ludicrous.

The event release content funnel isn't being turned off anytime soon, either, with shows like Loki, Cruella and Obi-Wan Kenobi already rapidly approaching. And this, if not countered soon by Netflix and every other streaming service in operation today soon, will lead to Disney Plus becoming the world's most popular streaming service. After all, why pay for multiple streaming services when one delivers so much new content for the whole family?

Which in these difficult financial times is more important than ever. There's a reason Disney Plus won Best Video Streaming Service at the T3 Awards, and Raya and the Last Dragon continues to show exactly why. Netflix and company should be worried, very worried.

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