T3 Awards 2020: Disney+ is the year's hottest streaming service

Disney+ wins T3's Best Video Streaming Service Award – sponsored by ExpressVPN

Disney Plus T3 Awards 2020
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The battle in online streaming services reached a whole new level in 2020, with Netflix, Amazon, and Apple (among many others) joined by a new contender in the form of Disney+.

Another streaming service jammed into an already crowded market on the face of things didn't seem like something to write home about. The parsing of content over many services in an increasingly fragmentary way has, arguably, made it harder and harder for people to choose which to invest their subscription money in. Very few people can afford to subscribe to every content service going, after all.

But this is where Disney+ differs. Thanks to Disney's very unique structure, in that it owns a portfolio of the world's most popular content makers, including Disney Studios, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, it can bring right off the bat a smorgasbord of content.

Indeed, the amount of films and TV shows that Disney holds the rights to means that Disney+ is absolutely stuffed with content, and it is incredibly varied content as well. There is something for everyone, and as such it makes Disney+ the new go-to in our eyes for many people and families especially.

As we note in our Disney Plus review, too, Disney+ is far from just a content juggernaut, with the streaming service launching with a strong and feature-rich app that is available on basically any device you can think of.

It's also got the tech chops to back itself up, too, delivering 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on many films and TV shows, meaning that A/V enthusiasts will find plenty to get on with. For many, the idea of watching the original Star Wars movies in 4K will be reason enough to subscribe.

Lastly, though, Disney+ hasn't just launched with a super impressive content library, an intuitive user interface and some top streaming tech, but it has done so for an incredibly user friendly price point. Right now a year subscription to Disney+ costs roughly half that of rival streaming services, and in a year beset with global financial difficulties, that is simply marvellous.

For all this and more, we are therefor pleased to announce that Disney+ has won the Best Video Streaming Service Award in the T3 Awards 2020.

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