Travelling creatives, listen up! You must see Db's new Ramverk Pro Luggage Collection

The new premium hard case system features a protective aluminium frame and 'ultra silent' 360 wheels

Db launches new Ramverk Pro Luggage collection
(Image credit: Db)

If you're a creative (e.g. photographer, content creator, etc.) who likes to (or needs to) travel, you probably have at least a few pieces of expensive gear you want to keep safe when you're out and about. And if these travels include frequent flight trips to places, you must check out Db's Ramverk Pro Luggage collection – a new hard case luggage system that combines 'Scandinavian engineering and minimalist design'. Because we all need a bit of luxury in our lives now and then.

Db is famous for its high-quality minimalist bags often used by photogs and other creatives. The Ramverk collection has long been a fan-favourite; we adored the Ramverk Pro Backpack for its many good qualities when we tested it, hence why the Ramverk Pro Luggage Collection had us so excited. It's the same principle but in a travelling suitcase form. 

All models in the new Ramverk Pro Luggage collection have a protective aluminium frame acting as an 'unbreakable backbone' to protect your camera gear and can withstand drops of up to 7 metres (23 feet). It's also easy to manoeuvre the bags around queues of people at the airport thanks to the 'ultra silent' 360 wheels and trolley handles that raise to the same height, no matter how tall the suitcase is.

The Ramverk Pro Luggage collection has already won the prestigious Red Dot design award and is "designed for both the cabin and conveyor belt", Db says. For the cabin, there are two options; one with front access for creatives and people travelling with bulky gear and one classic split-case carry-on. The range also features two check-in cases in medium and large sizes.

The Ramverk Pro Luggage collection works seamlessly with Db's excellent backpack range as part of a modular system – the patented hook-up system lets you strap the backpack or smaller Db bags to the front of the suitcase, freeing up your hands in the process. This modularity also means that Db camera inserts and backpacks are perfectly sized to fit inside each other, like a matryoshka doll.

Db's Ramverk Pro Luggage is available to buy now (October 2022) in the UK and Europe directly from Db. Prices are as follows:

  • Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Large £549 / €649
  • Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium £509 / €599
  • Ramverk Pro Front-access Carry-on £469 / €549
  • Ramverk Pro Cabin £419 / €499

US/AU availability TBC. For more info about suitcases, check out T3's best suitcases, best carry-on luggage and best travel bag guides.

Matt Kollat
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