DALI's new RUBIKORE speakers promise "ultimate audio realism"

The Danish audio experts unveil a new speaker selection to upgrade your hi-fi or home cinema

(Image credit: DALI)

Danish audio experts DALI have announced a new series of premium hi-fi and home cinema speakers: RUBIKORE. The range includes the RUBIKORE 2 bookshelf speaker, the RUBIKORE ON-WALL, the RUBIKORE 6 and RUBIKORE 8 floor-standards and the RUBIKORE CINEMA, and promise to combine "ultimate audio realism with luxurious craftsmanship".

One of the core features here is the use of Clarity Cone bass/mid drivers, which promise natural sound without artificial colouration, and which are teamed up with DALI's SMC motors for minimal distortion and maximum efficiency. The crossovers in the RUBIKORE 6 and 8 have SMC KORE inductors, which the firm says reduces signal loss, and feature high performance Mundorf capacitors.

The 2, 6 and 8 models also have Continuous Flare reflex ports to reduce unwanted noise, and there's a new, low-loss dome tweeter across the range that omits ferrofluid in the magnet gap. DALI says that enables it to "achieve the highest resolution in high-frequency sound".

DALI RUBIKORE series: what speakers are available?

The smallest speakers here are the RUBIKORE 2, which are bookshelf/compact speakers with 6.5-inch bass/mid drivers and that new tweeter. The wall-mounted ON-WALL has a 29mm low-loss dome tweeter and a 17 x 45mm planar tweeter working together on the high frequencies, and it too has a 6.5-inch mid/bass driver.

Moving up a size bracket, the RUBIKORE 6 has two 6.5-inch drivers and the RUBIKORE 8 has three. Again, they feature the new low-loss dome tweeter. Both are designed for larger spaces – DALI says the 6 is for "ambitious high-end stereo and home theatre systems in medium to larger sized rooms" while the 8 "excels at relaxed, large scale, wide dispersion".

The new range will be available from June 2024, with a choice of colours including High Gloss Black, High Gloss Maroon, Natural Walnut, and High Gloss White. Prices start at £1,299 for the RUBIKORE ON-WALL. The RUBIKORE 2 bookshelf speakers will be £2,299 per pair, the RUBIKORE 6 will be £4,499 and the flagship RUBIKORE 8 are £5,999 the pair. The RUBIKORE CINEMA speaker will be £1,799.

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