Chromecast with Google TV users are getting a cool free upgrade

New space-saving feature takes center stage

Chromecast with Google TV
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The rebooted Chromecast with Google TV with a new UI and an actual remote launched just over a year ago. Now, Google has announced a new software update that fixes some existing quirks of the streaming device, as well as introduces some other performance upgrades.

Let’s be clear: this update doesn’t yet bring Android TV 12 to devices, though this version launched several days ago. However, the good news is that the update delivers better storage management and improves Dolby Vision playback, amongst other improvements.

Integral to the update is this ability to better manage storage, which is good news considering that Google's latest streaming device is only capable of accessing about half of its already-negligible 8GB of storage (via Android Police). Make no mistake: that really is a diminutive as it sounds, with many users unable to install new apps or update existing ones, unlike the more capacious Roku Streaming Stick+ that has an SD card slot to expand memory. Streaming devices rely on regular updates to function as intended, so this is a real headache for Chromecast with Google TV users.

But alas a fix is inbound: Google is taking aim at the storage conundrum, now offering a brand new "Uninstall apps" menu. This is located under the "Free up storage" section, not only letting users eliminate apps that are taking up space but otherwise offering a fast and agile way to pare back clutter without having to access each app page individually.

Chromecast with Google TV

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No Android TV 12 just yet

In addition to the new space-saving features, there are improvements for HDR playback, specifically proper HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) support, which is used by services like BBC iPlayer (requiring an update) as well as improvements for Dolby Vision.

An Android TV 12 Chromecast update is still a while away, and Google hasn't yet commented on its plans to upgrade Chromecast beyond Android 10. However, these new refinements are good news for regular Chromecast with Google TV users, especially those whose use of the streaming device has been curbed by the storage constraints. We've got a rundown of the best Chromecast devices, as well as reviews of the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K if you happen to be on the hunt for a new streaming stick and are overwhelmed by all the options available to you.

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