These cheap Prime Day 2021 binocular deals put last year's offers to shame

Olympus and Canon binoculars drop to their lowest prices ever

Olympus V501022BU000 Binocular 8x40 S
(Image credit: Olympus)

Birdwatching, nature spotting and stargazing have seen a real boom in popularity over the past year or so. If you're thinking of adopting this hobby, today is a great day to pick up the kit you need.

In fact, it's been so popular that a lot of the biggest names experienced a real shortage of products to actually sell you. The knock-on effect is that there were literally no offers of any note on binoculars over Black Friday 2020, and while Prime Day 2020 yielded just one or two okay deals on Celestron models.

I have good news. Prime Day 2021 (which is happening today and tomorrow, 21-22 June), has come up trumps with a range of very worthwhile binocular deals, all from brands that crop up repeatedly in our best binoculars buyer's guide. The models below have all dropped to the cheapest price we've seen ever (or at least in the past year or so).

Below you'll find a short roundup of the best discounts on quality models. Remember, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to claim these deals – but you can use your free trial period if you like. Sign up for your free Amazon Prime trial here. Then once you have, you'll be free to shop all the best Prime Day deals in this year's event.


Olympus V501022BU000 Binocular 8x40 S | Now £67.99 | Was £99.99 | Save £32 at Amazon UK
This Prime Day, Amazon has knocked 32% off these Olympus binoculars, taking them to the cheapest price we've ever seen. There's a wide field of view, high-quality optics, and a robust, rubberised finish.

Olympus V501024BU000 Binocular 8-16x40 S | Now £96.99 | Was £139.99 | Save £43 at Amazon UK

Olympus V501024BU000 Binocular 8-16x40 S | Now £96.99 | Was £139.99 | Save £43 at Amazon UK
This is the first Amazon Price drop we've ever seen on this model – they're 31% off for Prime Day. They're in the same range as the binoculars above, but these have an 8-16x zooming capability, which means you can easily adjust the magnification to suit different viewing situations. 

Now £41.49 | was £69.99 | Save £28 at Amazon UK

Pentax Binoculars UD 10x21| Now £41.49 | was £69.99 | Save £28 at Amazon UK
These Pentax binoculars are the lightest in the range (around 195g), with a palm-sized design that makes them super portable. There's 10x magnification and a bright and clear field of view, and this is the first price drop we've seen at Amazon on this model.

Canon 3639C005AA 8x20 IS binoculars | Now £399.99 | Was £529.99 | Save £130 at Amazon UK

Canon 3639C005AA 8x20 IS binoculars | Now £399.99 | Was £529.99 | Save £130 at Amazon UK
For more dedicated nature-spotters, these Canon binos have 25% off right now. The 'IS' stands for image stabilisation, and Canon's is, we think, the best on the market (read about it in our Canon 10x42L IS WP binoculars review).

If none of those take your fancy, or you're not based in the UK, you'll find the cheapest prices on our top 5 binoculars in the widget below – including any deals. 

Amazon Prime Day alternative sales – UK

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