Canon may bring a Fujifilm X100VI rival to market

The trendy TikTok camera may finally have a rival from the top camera manufacturer

The Fujifilm X1000VI held against a blue sky background
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Canon could be working on a rival to the incredibly popular Fujifilm X100VI.

That's according to a popular rumour site for the brand, who suggest a similar camera is in the works.

If you're a fan of the best cameras on the market – or, indeed, even just slightly active in photography circles – you'll probably know about the Fujifilm X100VI. As the latest version of the X100 series, this retro-tinged camera has captured the imagination of a generation.

That can be seen in the wait lists for the camera. Users have been told that they may have to wait until the summer for their orders to be fulfilled, as the brand attempt to satisfy an unprecedented level of demand.

Now, rumours suggest Canon could be working on a rival to the device. That's not an entirely new concept – the same suggestion has been floated before – but a new report from Canon Rumors points to that being more solidified than before.

The report suggests that the process has progressed, with an "active, even if just exploratory" development of an APS-C fixed lens camera. The source of the leak claims to have seen mention of the device on an internal slideshow, though no further details are given.

Still, it's not exactly the biggest leap to take. Seeing the popularity of models like the Fujifilm – and even costly fixed-lens cameras like the Leica Q3 – must be sending dollar signs rolling through the eyes of the Canon team.

There is clearly a massive demand for this kind of technology, and not being a part of the market is going to be a costly decision. What's more, the market is really crying out for a direct competitor.

Sure, there are other fixed-lens options out there, but none really seem to nail the X100 experience. We can see that in the sheer volume of orders placed for the camera, which would undoubtedly be lowered if a competitor was available.

Still, it's not exactly a cast iron release date. Even if the device is in the works, it could take years before we see it hit the market – if we do at all. For now then, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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