The new Fujifilm X100VI is the digital camera I want more than any other

The Leica-like design is upgraded with a new sensor and in-body image stabilisation

The Fujifilm X1000VI held against a blue sky background
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

While many would look for a digital camera to act as a do it all solution, that's not always the best way. For some, having a camera which works like a vintage model while adding some modern appointments is the perfect creativity tool.

If that's your bag, there are a range of options available to you. Something like a Leica Q3 is probably a grail, but a more realistic proposition for many is the Fujifilm X100V. That has gained a cult following for its film simulations and neo-vintage aesthetic.

Now, that model has been refreshed with the new Fujifilm X100VI. The next generation promises a host of upgrades to make life easier for photographers, while still keeping the design and form factor which has made the range a top pick for fans.

Star of the show here is the new sensor. That's a 40MP X-Trans CMOS unit, which should offer a noticeably higher resolution picture than the last generation. It also packs in more light than ever before, with ISO 125 available as a native option.

It's not just a resolution monster, though. A new five-axis in-body image stabilisation system should make it easier for users to snag the perfect shot, without falling foul of motion blur.

Other specs worthy of note include an AI-powered autofocus algorithm which can accurately detect everything from birds to drones and an advanced Hybrid Viewfinder which allows the user to switch between the Electronic and Optical Viewfinders at will.

Of course, you'll still find the beloved film simulations – 20 of them, here – including the new Reala Ace model. You'll also find the same conversion lens system, where additional accessories can take the focal length from a 23mm equivalent up to 28mm or even 50mm equivalents.

Video footage can be captured too. Here, that's offered at 6.2k resolution and 30fps, which should be detailed enough for all but the most professional of applications. Plus, with Camera to Cloud functionality, users can upload directly from the camera via a wireless connection, allowing users to speed up their workflow.

So, what will all of this set you back? Actually, not a whole lot. The base model is £1,599 and will be available from the 28th of February in the UK. There's also a limited edition model set to celebrate 90 years of Fujifilm. That's limited to 1,934 pieces and will cost £1,934.

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