Build strength, stamina and burn calories with this no-jump bodyweight workout

It'll only take you 20 minutes!

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We all have different goals when it comes to fitness; some of us want to get stronger, others want to lose weight, while some are keen to improve their overall fitness levels. If, however, you’re that person that wants it all, then this 20 minute full-body workout will do just that. Better still? You don’t need any home gym equipment, just get ready to lace up your best workout shoes.

You may be wondering ‘how can this workout make me stronger, fitter and burn calories?’. Well, despite this workout using bodyweight exercises this is still strength training – as long as your body has resistance to overcome it will increase strength and build muscle. The session also uses supersets (where you perform two exercises back-to-back with no rest) which not only ups the intensity of the workout and increases muscle activation, but according to Nike “can help you increase your stamina and endurance by keeping your heart rate higher for longer during a workout”. 

Although there is no jumping in this workout, you will need something comfortable beneath you, like an exercise mat, as there are some floor movements. You’re going to do each exercise 45 seconds, followed by a 15 seconds rest. There’s five supersets in total and you’re going to do each one twice. For superset number two, do your first round on one side of your body, then switch to the opposite side for your second. Here’s your workout: 

Superset 1 

  • Narrow squat into regular squat
  • Walk out plank into knees to chest 

Superset 2

  • Reverse lunge to knee drive
  • Staggered Romanian deadlift

Superset 3

  • Glute bridge with a pulse
  • Reverse bridge leg raises

Superset 4

  • Knee push-ups (if you struggle with these, just do half a push up, then slowly lower yourself to the floor, then push yourself back up)
  • High plank shoulder taps

Superset 5

  • Tabletop crunches (or regular crunches)
  • Knee tucks

If you enjoyed this bodyweight workout, we've even got a 10 minute full-body workout that also uses no equipment, for those day's you're really pushed for time. For those who do want to make things a little more challenging and incorporate a set of dumbbells, then this dumbbell superset workout is perfect.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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