Build leg strength with just one resistance band and these five easy exercises

You can still increase your strength without using weights

man doing squats with a loop resistance band
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When it comes to building strength in our legs a common misconception is that you need weights, like a pair of the best dumbbells or an Olympic barbell. Well, you don’t. This five-move workout will do just that; it’s quick and efficient and all it requires is one of the best resistance bands.

Using resistance bands is a form of strength training, which is any exercise that increases the size and strength of your muscles. Many people think strength training exercises have to use weights to be effective, but this just isn’t true. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine: “Studies have shown that resistance bands are capable of providing the same workout as free weights and machines used at the gym,” So, if you were worried you weren’t going to have a decent leg workout, think again.

This workout is nice and straight-forward with no complicated exercises or rep ranges. You’ve got five exercises in total to complete with your resistance band and you’ll do each one for 12 reps, then repeat the workout three times. Make sure you give the video a watch so you can see exactly how to incorporate the band into your exercises. However, if you don’t have a resistance band, you can always use two dumbbells. Ready? Here’s your workout:

  • Squat
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Reverse lunge (left & right)
  • Bridge lift
  • Side lying leg raise (left & right)

Make sure you either have a long pull-up resistance band or some tube resistance bands for this workout, as you'll struggle to perform the exercises with a smaller 'booty band' (unless it's super stretchy). If you're keen for more resistance band workouts, then we have plenty — check out this three-move band workout for a stronger back or this full-body resistance band workout.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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