Three exercises and one resistance band for a stronger back

Get ready to row.

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Training your back shouldn’t get lost amongst leg and arm day, especially when there’s workouts as easy as this one. With just three moves and one resistance band you can improve the strength in your back. Better still, this workout can be done anywhere and will take the best part of 15 minutes.

Building a strong back is more than just aesthetics, it helps improve our posture, prevents injuries and assists us with our everyday activities. Also, the stronger your back, the more you will benefit during your workouts. For example, if you enjoy weight training, then a strong back is going to help you lift more and safely, too.

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This workout by fitness trainer Kayla Itsines only consists of three moves that all target the muscles in your back. Each exercise is a ‘row’ movement, so they’re very easy to get the hang of and you’ll complete each one for 12 to 15 reps. In the video Kayla uses a light pull up band, but you could also use resistance tubes with handles. Just don't use short resistance bands, as these won't work. Aim to complete as many rounds as possible (at least three, but aim for four).

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Upright rows — stand on your band with both feet and pull it up to shoulder height, so your elbows are sticking out at the sides. Hold for a second, lower and repeat.
  • Bent over rows — stand on your band with both feet, hinge at the hips and lower your back towards the floor (it straight back) and pull the band towards your belly button. Hold for a second, lower and repeat.
  • Seated rows — sit on the floor and loop your band around your feet. With a slight bend in your knee, pull the band towards your chest. Hold for a second, lower and repeat. Make sure your back remains straight throughout.

If you find your resistance band is too loose, and is making the exercise too easy, try either tying a knot in it, or if it’s an exercise where you stand on the band, stand on more of it. This will increase the resistance and will make things more challenging. We’ve also got more resistance band exercises for a fast full body workout, or if you’re looking to build bigger arms, give this one resistance band arm workout a go. 

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