Build bigger arms in five minutes at home with this two-move workout

It's time to target the triceps

Man doing tricep dips
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If you’re determined to add some size and definition to your arms in 2024, then you need to give your triceps some attention. The three-headed muscle makes up 60% of your arm, so while bicep exercises may make the front part of your upper arm look massive, they won’t give it that overall definition you desire. This workout is perfect for adding onto the end of an upper body session, or on those days time is tight. You’ll just need your bodyweight, a pair of dumbbells and a chair.

Building your triceps will do more than just make your arms look fuller, it will also help your performance with other exercises too. Compound exercises like the deadlift, bench press, barbell rows and push ups all rely on help from your triceps, therefore the more you work them the more likely you'll succeed in other areas of your training.

Alo Moves Personal Trainer Louis Chandler
Louis Chandler

Louis Chandler is a former professional soccer and boxing athlete. He took part in both sports for 12 years before moving to L.A. in 2017. Since then, he has worked with top athletes, models, and actors and is known for his fun and empowering workouts that mix HIIT and functional strength training

Louis' 5 minute tricep workout

This workout has been created by Louis Chandler, a personal trainer at Alo Moves. It may only be five minutes and contain two exercises, but it'll leave your triceps fired up afterwards. You'll need a chair for the first exercise (a weight bench will do if you're in the gym) and your dumbbells or water bottles for the second. Take a 30 second break in between each exercise and aim to complete as many rounds of the workout as possible (three is a good number to aim for).Ready? Here's your workout:

Man doing tricep dips on weight bench

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  • Tricep dips - 15 reps
  • Tricep extensions in a glute bridge position - 12 reps

Why not follow up this workout with this five minute chest workout and five minute shoulder session? Then you would've done a full-blown upper workout targeting all your push muscles. If, however, you're looking to move onto your lower body next, then here's a five minute workout that'll build serious strength in your legs that you can do either with weights or just your bodyweight.

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