BONKERS iPhone 12 Pro SpaceX edition is crazy expensive

This special edition iPhone 12 Pro is just ridiculous

Musk Be On Mars iPhone 12 Pro
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When the latest and greatest gadgets and tech are readily available to the masses, how does someone with money to burn set themselves apart? By frittering it away on absolutely nonsensical versions of existing devices that have been rolled in rubies, or dipped in diamonds, of course. 

If you've already put your pre-order in for the 24K gold special edition PS5 to sit next to your gold-plated Xbox One, then why not take a gander at this extremely limited edition iPhone 12 Pro that's slightly less ostentatious than a gold gilded smartphone, and marginally less tacky. 

Caviar is a Russian luxury brand that kits out everyday pieces of tech in costly materials to make them even more overpriced than they are at retail, and it's not pulled any punches with this SpaceX commemorative product line.

The company has just revealed the Musk Be On Mars collection, which features a $1,400 pair of customised Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, and a SpaceX edition of the iPhone 12 Pro.

According to the website, the Musk Be On Mars iPhone 12 Pro sports a titanium back panel, and actually includes a bona fide piece of the SpaceX Dragon capsule. "Musk Be On Mars" is emblazoned on the rear, accompanied by an engraving of Elon Musk's signature so you can make believe that the tech mogul scribbled his autograph on there, just for you.    

If you have $5,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can order yourself the Musk Be On Mars iPhone 12 Pro, leaving you $10 to treat yourself to a burger and a shake, while you mull over what to spend the next few grand on. Perhaps one of Samsung's new smartphones.

If the plain old iPhone 12 is good enough for you, you'll have four models to choose from, and maybe even a cheaper, fifth model. Or there's always the budget OnePlus Nord which starts from a very modest £379. 

We're expecting the iPhone 12 to launch in October, after Apple confirmed a delay, so while there' s still time to decide if you want to place your order with Caviar, you don't want to dally too much - there are just 19 of the Musk Be On Mars iPhone 12 Pro handsets available, so act fast!  

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