BondiBoost's new Infrared Bounce Brush is the key to a salon-worthy blowout

The Infrared Bounce Brush is now back in stock

BondiBoost Infrared Bounce Brush
(Image credit: BondiBoost)

BondiBoost, known for its range of effective yet affordable hair tools, has restocked its best-selling Infrared Bounce Brush. After its launch last month, the hot brush was sold out globally, leaving many consumers waiting for it to hit shelves once again. The Infrared Bounce Brush has been labelled as a 'hair game-changer', providing users with salon-worthy results without having to leave the house. 

Whilst a lot of popular hot brushes are overlooked due to their large barrels, the Infrared Bounce Brush's 42mm barrel features a more inclusive design. Users therefore won't have to worry if it'll work on their hair length, especially those with a shorter style.

The BondiBoost Infrared Bounce Brush has an RRP of £90.00 and can be purchased from BondiBoost,  Look Fantastic and Sephora

BondiBoost Infrared Bounce Brush

(Image credit: BondiBoost)

The BondiBoost Infrared Bounce Brush provides instant volume without causing unwanted damage. It specifically uses infrared technology that gently heats the hair and lifts it at the root, working towards improving and maintaining good hair health. Infrared technology is also ideal for reducing frizz and static, creating a smoother sleeker appearance.

The Bounce Brush has aloe-infused bristles, designed to add shine and reduce flyaways whilst helping to nourish the hair. The locally sourced Aloe Vera is a core ingredient in all BondiBoost wet product formulas. 

It heats hair between 120°C – 220°C, and its 360° swivel cord and cool tip makes for safe and easy styling. 

Buy the Infrared Bounce Brush for £90.00 at BondiBoost 

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