Blinkbox offers free online movie streaming service

Legal Hollywood movie streaming free for 7 days

Bond, Rambo or Rocky, how will you use your free movie streaming...

Us plucky Brits are to getour Hollywood-esq big break this week as movie streaming site Blinkbox others a week of free streaming as part of the Full Stream Ahead campaign.

Backed by the UK Film Council and the British Film Institute, the campaign will offer UK movie fans free week-long access to a host of the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters in an attempt to deter piracy in the industry.

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Kicking off yesterday, June 8th, and lasting for seven days, users can access the free streaming service exclusively through Blinkbox where they will be offered £20 worth of free streamed content direct to their computers or internet connected TVs.

Although not supporting HD quality, a shame considering theyoffer movies such as Avatar, Blinkbox currently streams content to more than 1.2 million users a month.

Speaking on the Full Stream Ahead campaign one of Blinkbox's co-founders said: “By the time the music industry enabled strong and good-quality legal (streaming) services it was arguably too late. We are in the early days of digital retail for movies, and our ambition is to make people aware of the benefits of streaming services before it is too late.”

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