The BlazePod workout lights will make your HIIT sessions more fun and group exercises more competitive

App-controlled smart lights to spice up your training and get competitive

BlazePod workout lights
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Admittedly, even the best HIIT workout can get a bit repetitive after a while as there is only so much variety you can introduce to your sessions and you are also limited by the muscle you want to work, narrowing down the type of exercises you can do each time. If you want to relight your passion for exercising, you want to get the BlazePod workout lights that can not only improve your reaction times and make you more alert, but they are also a lot of fun to use.

• Buy BlazePod kits directly from BlazePod, prices from £299

BlazePods are touch sensitive lights that can be activated by taps, slaps or kicks. The lights can be used for a variety of purposes: HIIT workouts, conditioning, sports training and even to spice up the family gatherings in the park. The flashing lights will draw attention from both kids and adults, and the ability to track reaction and completion times in the BlazePod App can turn a simple picnic into a group workout session, both indoors and outdoors.

Why should you buy the BlazePod workout lights?

BlazePods offer a well-rounded workout experience that will make you more alert and present during workouts and everyday life too.

The Pods has a smash-proof exterior and durable, weather-proof shells, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoor activities. There are eight colour options for the LED lights and they can be changed via the BlazePod App, real-time, which is super handy outdoors and in bright light conditions.

For example, when testing the BlazePods in the park, the default green colour was hard to spot in the grass so we changed the lights to red/purple, increasing the contrast and making the active pods easier to spot quickly.

• Buy BlazePod kits directly from BlazePod, prices from £299

And quick you should be: the pre-set workouts the BlazePod App will test your reaction time and agility. There are tons of workouts available in the App and you can also filter them based on the type of workout you are planning on doing, number of players you'll have, number of pods you would like to use and so on. The workouts are are explained clearly and the pods needed to be used for the workout will also start flashing for easier identification.

BlazePod workout lights

(Image credit: BlazePod)

Pairing the pods with the app is also easy, not to mention charging them: just stack the pods up on top of each other and place them on the charger. When they are being charged, the pods double up as mood light as they will flash either red or have a solid green colour, depending on the level of charge they have.

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It really can't be stressted enough how easy it is to set the BalzePods up and start using them, but there is also a thing called BlazePod Academy where you'll find heap-loads of instructional videos how to set up and use the pods. There is a separate page dedicated to BlazePod workouts, to give a taster of what can be performed using the BlazePods. In summary: a lot.

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