Incredible Samsung Galaxy S10 phone deal delivers FREE Nintendo Switch Lite

And a colossal data allowance, too…

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S10 phone deal Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Samsung \ Nintendo)

We've already seen some very attractive free Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday phone deal bundles drop over the past few weeks, but this Christmas cracker has just gone and trumped them all.

That's because this bundle deal includes the Samsung Galaxy S10, along with a data-stuffed SIM plan from O2, as well as a free Nintendo Switch Lite, for literally nothing up front, a super affordable month cost, and with completely free delivery.

That's the 5-star rated Samsung Galaxy S10, the stunning and powerful 2019 flagship phone, as well as the hot new handheld games console that everyone is talking about, and a quality and super affordable SIM plan, in one great package.

Don't believe us? Check out the full details of the deal below:

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB Prism Black | Nintendo Switch Lite | 90GB Data | Unlimited mins & texts | 24-month contract | Up-front cost: £0.00 | Monthly cost: £49.00 | O2 | Available now
This incredible bundle deal starts with the 5-star rated Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship phone, before then adding in a 24-month SIM plan from O2 that delivers a gargantuan 90GB of data each month as well as unlimited minutes and texts, before ending with a completely free Nintendo Switch Lite gift. And, what makes this deal even more astonishing, is that the up-front cost is literally zero and then the monthly cost is a very affordable £49. Throw in completely free delivery for the entire package and this is Black Friday well and truly busted. Going fast at Deal

In our Samsung Galaxy S10 review we called the phone "the complete package", before singling out praise for its "fantastic screen", "super-fast performance", "refined design", and "strong camera system". We then concluded that the S10 "gets just about everything right, and is a stunning all-round package."

Meanwhile, in our Nintendo Switch Lite review we stated that the system "delivers a classic portable handheld gaming experience that makes enjoying the Japanese maker's top selection of software on the go a pleasure".

And, well, that SIM plan delivers such a large quantity of data that, for basically all real-world intents and purposes, is unlimited. You'd have to spend each and everyday downloading 4K or 8K movies to get anywhere near that limit, and it reminds us of some of the best SIM only deals going.

Which is why we whole-heartedly approve of this super bundle deal. It is stuffed full of quality products and will do its owner right for years to come.

Prefer to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S10, Nintendo Switch Lite or a SIM plan on its own? Well be sure to check out today's best prices below: