My top 5 deals predictions for Black Friday 2022

What deals to expect from the Black Friday sales, including 4K TVs, air fryers and more

Black Friday 2022 deals predictions
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Black Friday is the best time of year to stock up on essentials or get ready for Christmas with low prices on popular brands and products. The best Black Friday deals are full of brilliant offers, from TVs to washing machines, PS5s to vacuum cleaners, laptops to fitness equipment. I could go on, but the gist is that almost anything you can think of will be given a discount during the Black Friday weekend. 

While the Black Friday sales ‘officially’ kick off on Friday 25th November 2022, many retailers set their deals live early, giving shoppers extra time to save money on necessities, gifts and everything in between. Despite the cost of living crisis affecting everyone this year, the Black Friday sales promise to deliver huge price cuts site and storewide to help alleviate some of the pressure surrounding everyday spending and the upcoming festive season.

As every store, site and retailer offers deals and discounts on Black Friday, it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. As Deals Writer and Shopping Expert at T3, I not only know how to find the best discounts but I also know what you should be looking out for in this year’s sales.

Whether you’ve got your list ready or you’re still figuring out what you need, I’m here to help with my top 5 predictions for Black Friday 2022.

1. TVs

My first prediction is big price drops on the best TVs. As retailers like Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, and Very have already set some of their Black Friday deals live, I’ve had a snoop through and TVs are getting the biggest discounts this year. TVs are a big investment, but with the FIFA World Cup 2022 coming up, I imagine football fans will be looking for a new TV. Black Friday is also typically when TV manufacturers will discount their older TV models, so, while you’re not getting the latest options, you’re still getting a brilliant TV which has had hundreds, if not thousands taken off its price.

As I said, select retailers are currently slashing their prices on smaller 43-inch sizes up to the mammoth 75-inch screens. If you’re on a tight budget, the smaller 43, 50 and 55-inch sizes are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and thanks to Black Friday discounts, many of them are on offer from around £179 - £449. In terms of brands, titans like LG, Sony, Philips, Samsung, Hisense and Toshiba can be found in the sale, in addition to smaller companies like JVC and TCL. Looking for a new TV this year? Check out the best Black Friday TV deals LIVE for the latest offers.

TV deals

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2. Air fryers

Arguably the number one kitchen gadget everyone either has or is looking for is an air fryer. The best air fryers are quick, healthy and have multiple cooking functions in one device, so there’s a lot to love! As they’re so high in demand, air fryers are often full price and rarely get a discount, but every now and then, you’ll find a huge price drop on air fryers and multi cookers. This is what I’m predicting to happen in the Black Friday sales.

Scrolling through the early deals, I haven’t seen any air fryer deals yet, but I imagine on the week or day of Black Friday, there will be a few spotlight offers on air fryers. I’d suggest keeping an eye on air fryer brands like Tefal, Tower and Ninja, but my money is on Tefal air fryers having the main price cuts this year.

3. Nintendo Switch

According to search trends looked at by Slotsia, searches for Nintendo Switch have skyrocketed above PlayStation and Xbox consoles this year. Of course, just because people are searching for Nintendo Switch deals, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to happen, but Black Friday is the most likely sales event for the Nintendo Switch to drop in price.

With Nintendo Switch deals, you’ll most likely find bundle deals on offer, meaning you can buy the console, accessories and games altogether for a lower price than normal. Games will most likely be on offer, so keep your eyes peeled for ‘2 for £20’ style deals on Nintendo Switch games.

4. Vacuum cleaners

Buying cleaning products is never fun but if you desperately need a new vacuum cleaner, the Black Friday sales are the best place to look. Vacuum cleaners are always discounted in the sales, and this year, I’ve seen incredible deals ranging from 50-70% off on premium vacuum cleaner models from Shark, Dyson, Miele, Vax and more.

Similar to last year and the Amazon Prime Day sale in 2022, Shark vacuum cleaners are bound to have the biggest discounts. Shark already has deals live on their website and at select retailers like Amazon, John Lewis and Currys, so you can currently find price drops on corded and cordless vacuums. In my experience, Shark vacuum cleaner deals will drop a bit further on the day, so it could be worth waiting for the actual Black Friday or Cyber Monday date, but it’s up to you.

Best Shark vacuum cleaner

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5. Earbuds

My final prediction for Black Friday 2022 is earbuds. Now, I’m pretty certain that many audio products will be discounted this year, including headphones and speakers, but earbuds are where I expect to see the biggest price drops. Compared to over-ear headphones, in-ears are already cheaper and they often get more money taken off of them in the sales.

In the early Black Friday deals, there are plenty of price cuts on earbuds, specifically true wireless earbuds and noise cancelling options. Sony, Jabra, Samsung and LG are the main brands involved at the moment, but I hope to see some deals on Beats and Google Pixel Buds, so fingers crossed if you’re on the lookout for those.

BONUS: Home essentials

The cost of living has hit us all this year, and it’s made it harder to pay bills, commute to work and buy food. Due to this, I imagine many people will be using the Black Friday sales to buy Christmas gifts and to stock up on home essentials for less, rather than one-off impulse purchases.

During Black Friday, the products I’m about to list below are always on sale at incredibly low prices, especially at Amazon, so keep your eye on: batteries, coat hangers, tissues, dishwasher tablets, toilet roll, pet food, wipes, tea bags and cleaning sprays. If you need to restock your medicine cabinet or makeup bag, Black Friday typically offers cheap prices on mascara, foundation, shampoo, hair dye, condoms, shower gel, toothpaste, painkillers, nappies and much more.

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