THIS is the most delicious keto shake plus 3 top tips to make your own

Make weight loss easier with this delicious keto shake plus tips on how to make your own

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Who said keto diet has to be boring? Sure, a keto diet plan has a few restrictions but by cleverly combining the available ingredients, you can create delicious keto shakes in no time. For the best results, you might want to blitz the ingredients in one of the best kitchen blenders or even a protein shake blender. We have the definitive list of the best Nutribullets too, in case you want to go with the branded option.

Keto shakes are not overly complicated to make and we can safely say we created one that could rival the best sugary milkshakes at McDonalds. It's filling, healthy and has the right balance or macrunutrients too. You won't need many ingredients either: you will only need five cheap ingredients to make this keto shake recipe work.

PLEASE NOTE: keto diet is restrictive diet and should be practised accordingly. Check out these keto diet side effects for instance. Having a high fat shake like the one below without being on a keto diet plan could cause more harm than good. If you are ever in doubt, please consult a medical professional and/or nutritionist before you start keto diet.

KitchenAid Artisan K4 Blender | Buy it for £279 at John Lewis

KitchenAid Artisan K4 Blender | Buy it for £279 at John Lewis
The KitchenAid Artisan K4 Blender is as beautiful as it is functional. The 3-part system works in harmony: you have the asymmetric stainless steel blades, the ribbed jar which folds ingredients back in and the Intelli-Speed 1.5 HP motor which senses the contents to maintain optimal speed. Better still, this beauty was built for heavy daily use so feel free to add as much ice as yuo like!

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Nutty Chocolate Keto Shake

This recipe is pretty straightforward: add all the ingredients to the blender and blend away for 20-30 seconds. If you want something cooler, add some crushed ice to the mix. You can make this a double choc shake by adding some dark chocolate, as long as the chocolate has a high cocoa percentage (85% and up).

As for macros, this keto shake is just under 400 calories and has 39 grams fat, 7 grams protein and 5 grams carbs. Feel free to mix thing up and switch out ingredients: instead of cocoa powder and walnut, you can add frozen strawberry and  avocado for a more fruity flavour.

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Fitbit Aria Air Smart Bathroom Scale - White | On sale for £39.99 | Was £49.99 | You save £10 at Amazon
Track changes in your weight and BMI using the Fitbit Aria Air. All data is fed back to the Fitbit App where you can further analyse all your body metrics using easy-to-understand charts. The Fitbit Aria Air runs on three triple-A batteries and measures weight up to a 180 kilos (that's around 28 and a half stones).

3 top tips for making your own keto shake

  • Track macros: keto diet is a low carbs, moderate protein and high fat diet. You can have loads of different food items in the shakes but try avoiding sugary fruits (banana, mango orange etc) and high carb elements – cashews are a regular offender here.
  • Water is the best solution: literally. Want something thicker? Cut the amount of water in the shake. Want something more filling? Add more water. You should drink plenty of water anyway to boost metabolism naturally.
  • Try adding veg to the mix: kale and spinach are excellent shake ingredients but you can also give cucumber, celery and even tomatoes a try.
NutriBullet RX 9 Piece Nutritional Blender | Buy it for £79.99 at Argos

NutriBullet RX 9 Piece Nutritional Blender | Buy it for £79.99 at Argos
Included in this amazing Nutribullet bundle is: power base, oversized cup with flip top lid, extractor blade, stay-fresh resealable lid, user manual/cookbook and a tall cup with handled lip ring. This Nutribullet RX has a 900 W power output an incredible 25,000 RPM blade speed. It is also suitable for ice crushing, yes!

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