Beau Nuage is the umbrella innovation you've been waiting for

Say goodbye to lost umbrellas and soggy bags

We've all been there; you use an umbrella, it gets soaking wet, and when it stops raining or you go inside you're left with a sodden umbrella, carrying it around like a dead weight.

Beau Nuage has solved this problem with a "revolutionary product" (their words, not ours) designed to make your life easier.

The chic umbrella features its own drying cover, which enables you to put your umbrella back into your bag once wet. Manufactured using a three-layer technology, Beau Nuage's cover absorbs the raindrops and keeps your umbrella always dry.

In addition to its drying cover, the Beau Nuage umbrella also features an ergonomic handle made with GEL that adapts to the shape of the hand; a durable, unbendable and lightweight steel shaft made of aluminium and fiberglass ribs; and a thick canopy material, with 200 threads/po2 and its Teflon coating that repels water more effectively.

As well as being high-tech, the umbrellas also look pretty good, and come in a range of rich, seasonal colours.

Check out the umbrella designs below:

Beau Nuage was started by co-founders Antoine and Aurélien, who grew tired of the varying British weather and traditional umbrellas.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the brand's name is French for "Beautiful Cloud".

The Beau Nuage Umbrellas cost €35 (around £30).

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