Audio Pro C20 is an elegant Sonos rival that could elevate your TV and vinyl sound

A gorgeous boombox with many talents

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Audio Pro has long been making understated and classy multiroom speakers for those who want something a bit different to the excellence of Sonos

Its range includes a whole bunch of different styles and sizes, but the latest launch looks like one of its most powerful yet – the Audio Pro C20.

It's a sizeable stereo wireless speaker that Audio Pro is targeting specifically at TV and music listening, imagining it as a replacement for a soundbar, albeit with a very different size and shape. 

Audio Pro C20

(Image credit: Audio Pro)

The key to a great connected speaker like this one is, of course, that very connectivity and Audio Pro has loaded the C20 with just about all the key connections you could want. 

It will let you hook up via TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, Airplay 2, Google Cast, Audio Pro Multiroom or Bluetooth, for a big gamut of options.

None of those are that ideal for TV watching, of course, which is why the speaker also has a physical ARC connection for that purpose. 

Because it knows that the customers looking at this sort of speaker are probably into sound quality, Audio Pro has also included a moving magnet (MM) phonostage on the C20, which means that you can plug a vinyl turntable into it directly and have it work without any additional equipment.

Best of all, in an Audio Pro Multiroom setup you can make this audio (or any other music) re-stream out to your other speakers for playback around your home. 

On the actual sound side, the C20 has a real wooden cabinet for the sake of its acoustics and a massive 190W of power if you want to crank the volume. 

You can also get two and hook them up as twin speakers in a giant stereo setup under you TV if you're so inclined, although finding space for them might not be too easy. 

The C20 will be available in mid-February, according to Audio Pro, in white, grey or black, and is priced at a seriously hefty £450, €550, or $550. That places it in competition with a bunch of really premium speakers, not least the best soundbars on the market. 

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