Unleash your inner speedster: ASICS' METASPEED PARIS Series takes racing shoes to new heights


ASICS launches METASPEED PARIS Series running shoes
(Image credit: ASICS)

ASICS just announced the launch of the METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS running shoes. They've been teased on ASICS' social media accounts, but now they are here – officially!

The METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS aren't your ordinary running shoes – they're what we call 'super shoes', equipped with the latest tech to make you feel like you're flying on the tarmac. Think Nike Alphafly 2 or Hoka Cielo X1.

Actually, think ASICS METASPEED SKY Plus and ASICS METASPEED EDGE Plus; some of the best running shoes in 2022 and the predecessors of the new PARIS line.

ASICS has been put through the wringer (and by wringer, we mean rigorous testing involving elite athletes and third-party testers) to ensure the new trainers are as light and bouncy as a trampoline on race day.

The METASPEED SKY PARIS, now lighter than ever, feels like running on clouds (no offence, On) thanks to its new MOTION WRAP UPPER 2.0 and FF BLAST TURBO PLUS midsole foam (the updated version of the foam propelling the SKY Plus).

And to further optimise the shoes for stride runners, the full-length carbon plate has been widened in the forefoot region to give you that extra spring in your step.

Meanwhile, the METASPEED EDGE PARIS is like the Ferrari of running shoes, designed for those who like to kick things up a notch with their cadence. With its minimalist design and updated carbon plate placement, it's built for speed.

Plus, with its brand new last providing better arch support, you'll feel as stable as a table during even the quickest of runs.

So, whether you're aiming for a personal best or just want to feel like a superhero on the track, the METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS have got you covered – literally and figuratively.

The METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS shoes will be available for men and women from ASICS UK, ASICS US and ASICS AU from 4 March 2024 for the recommended retail price of £220/$250/ AU$ 330.

Matt Kollat
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