ASICS teams up with BOSS to launch limited edition Gel-Resolution 9 trainers

Half tennis shoe, half sneaker, the new Gel-Resolution 9 is an exciting collaboration between ASICS and BOSS

ASICS x BOSS Gel-Resolution 9
(Image credit: ASICS/BOSS)

For some, ASICS might be synonymous with the best running shoes. However, the brand not only makes other types of trainers, but they are also well-known for their sneakers. That said, the latest limited-edition Gel-Resolution 9 tennis shoes see the ASICS team up with someone they haven't collaborated with before, BOSS.

Designed for Italian professional tennis player Matteo Berrettini, this special version of the Gel-Resolution 9 combines ASICS' advanced technology with a fresh design inspired by the renowned fashion brand. Explicitly designed for baseline tennis players, this special edition of the Gel-Resolution 9 features some of ASICS' signature technologies, such as the DYNAWALL system, offering extra lateral support, and DYNAWRAP for enhanced fit, providing athletes with superior stability and comfort on the court.

"The Gel-Resolution 9 is an excellent tennis shoe, combining the stability and comfort I need," says Berrettini, "I'm thrilled that ASICS and BOSS have partnered to elevate the shoe even more with a slick new design. I hope it will bring a lot of success to my game when I step on the court wearing this special design."

What sets this exclusive release apart is the fresh design, merging the worlds of sports and high fashion. The tennis shoes "showcase a sleek and modern aesthetic, incorporating BOSS's timeless design elements," the brand explains. The collaboration between ASICS and BOSS is said to capture the essence of Matteo Berrettini's sophisticated and dynamic style, reflecting his passion for both tennis and fashion.

For more information about the limited-edition Gel-Resolution 9 and other ASICS products, please visit the ASICS today. For details about sneakers in general, check out T3's best sneakers guide. 

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