Arlo’s new smart security camera will help scare & catch intruders

Arlo launches all-new Pro 5 Spotlight Camera… and it’s pretty impressive

Arlo Pro 5 launch
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Protecting your home has had a major upgrade in recent years, thanks to the advancement of smart security cameras. From detecting motions and sounds to streaming live footage directly to your phone, security cameras are incredibly advanced… and this is an understatement when talking about the newest release from Arlo.

Arlo, the home security specialist, has just launched the new Arlo Pro 5 Spotlight Camera, its most advanced Pro camera yet. Arlo has plenty of security cameras under its belt, with the Arlo Pro 4 currently topping our list for the best security camera, but the Arlo Pro 5 already looks like it might knock its predecessor off the top spot.

This new generation of security camera is packed full of impressive features, including advanced colours, sensors, accuracy and upgrades to its app and subscription. All advancements have been made with a focus on catching potential intruders, as well as responding to requested improvements to the older generations of Arlo cameras.

The standout feature of the new Arlo Pro 5 is its colour night vision. Featuring a 12 bit colour sensor, these new advanced sensors deliver 60 billion colours that’s 100x better than the human eye. Arlo found that despite capturing intruders on their cameras, the colour and quality needed to be better to help identify them. Arlo’s response has been its powerful 2K video with HDR, 24/7 colour video recording and the ability to light up photos and screenshots for improved vision and detection.

Arlo Pro 5

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Compared to the Arlo Pro 4, the Pro 5 is 6x more accurate and vibrant, and its spotlight has a 7m reach that when triggered will deliver a powerful light to scare potential intruders. The camera itself has 160-degree field of view, faster reaction times and 12x zoom for better quality and clarity. The Pro 5 also has a smart siren that can be triggered automatically or via the app.

Another big change to the Arlo Pro 5 is the improvements to the Arlo Secure app and subscription service. Arlo is launching a new version of the app along with the release of the Pro 5. The app will be faster, offer personalised protection, have up to 60 days of video storage and improved scheduling and live viewing. This new version of the app will not be ready for other Arlo cameras yet.

Similarly, the Arlo subscription will have more detection features, personalised security, better cloud storage and theft protection, so if your camera is stolen, Arlo will replace your device.

So, what else can you expect from the Arlo Pro 5? Its other features (some of which you can find with the Pro 4) include two-way audio, echo cancellation, low power modes and the entire device is weather resistant and easy to set-up.

Arlo Secure app

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For those who currently own the Pro 4 or are interested in an Arlo device, it’s important to note the key differences between the two, to help you decide which smart security camera to go with. What sets the Pro 5 apart from the Pro 4 is its advanced colour night vision and its improved battery life. The Pro 5 has 30% more battery than the Pro 4, with up to 8 months battery power and up to 12 months if you put it in power saving mode.

Another key difference is the dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Once installed (a wall mount and screw kit is included in your Pro 5 purchase), the Pro 5 connects to your networks and it will switch between them depending on signal strength to ensure you’ve got the best possible connection. No base station is needed, either.

But what about the price, I hear you scream! The Arlo Pro 5 is priced at £219.99 for 1 camera kit. This is the same price as the Pro 4 and is cheaper than the Pro 4 XL. Should you need another camera, there are 2, 3 and 4 camera kits available. Considering the amount of features you get with the Arlo Pro 5, this is a fairly reasonable price and you can expect it to last a long time.

The Arlo Pro 5 is available now exclusively on the Arlo website, ready for you to buy, install and start using straight away. I’m insanely impressed with the new Arlo Pro 5 and think anyone who wants to tighten their home security will enjoy it, mainly due to its vast amount of features and security.

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